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  1. japstar

    1983 Kawasaki GPZ 550

    What's a coil helper? And you can open u the stock shock, clean it and put new oil. It's designed voor de bike's stock weight. If you trash some parts and lower the weight, the shock is already very good. And I like the color of the bike altogether :)
  2. japstar

    1989 Yamaha sr250 fix up

    BTW, where did you even find a 1989 SR250? Were they made in that year?
  3. japstar

    1989 Yamaha sr250 fix up

    First: clicking starter means your battery is empty. 1. Take spark plug out, put it in the spark plug cap, hold the sparkplug so it touches the frame/cilinder/cilinder head. Than cranck the engine and see if you have a spark. You need to have a spark, even if you hold with a distance of 1 cm...
  4. japstar

    Custom GPZ550 (ZX550A and KZ550H)

    Well, in the meantime, she's already kicking. She was a blast on the circuit. At wide open throttle she runs great, and does not consume excesive fuel. (circuit conditions). The spark plugs are a tad too white to my likings on the circuit. But on the street, low throttle situations, she consumes...
  5. japstar

    Custom GPZ550 (ZX550A and KZ550H)

    Kzou eigenlijk eens moeten kijken, maar ik dacht 110. Ik zal binnenkort es kijken wat er in zit momenteel. De stationairsproeiers zijn ook wat groter gemaakt met zo een vijlsetje. Die kan ik echter niet opmeten omdat mijn metertjes te dik zijn. Maar de afstelling is nog niet optimaal. Moet eerst...
  6. japstar

    1983 Kawasaki GPZ 550

    Why do you want a new rear shock?
  7. japstar

    1983 Kawasaki GPZ 550

    Haha, thanks :p I'm also still planning to do a front end swap for a '99 R6 front fork. I should be able to get verything for under 150 euros. But as I bought a KTM 640 Adventure a few weeks ago, and I'm rebuilding an apartemenet, the budget is a bit limited for the moment. Just have to post...
  8. japstar

    1983 Kawasaki GPZ 550

    Another GPZ 550! Nice! I like the possibilities of these bikes if you dare to do some cutting and welding. Maybe an idea for the hump: The upward bends in the frame make a lot of hump designs look out of place. I straightened the rear, to get cleaner lines. And in my opninion, with great...
  9. japstar

    Project "walrus" Yam XS 750

    I would disassemble the whole engine. If you leave it closed, I am a strong believer that sand will get into your engine somehow (even by a small amount), and I don't like having sand in my engine. If you take a lot of pictures during disassembly, especially of the details, it normally won't be...
  10. japstar

    "Moto Guzzini" (1995 Moto Guzzi 750 Nevada) Cafe Racer Build

    Well if all the gears are nicely lined up, you should be able to shift through the gears (my experience with jap bikes). If the gears are not lined up, you should be able the shift through the gears whilest turning (directly or indirectly) the primary gear shaft.
  11. japstar

    1983 XV500 Cafe Racer

    Did you simply mount the top yoke on the rotary table with the center line of one of the clamping holes aligned with the rotary table? Or did you drill them, and then finish with a reamer?
  12. japstar

    Ducati 900ss Racebike

    put a radius on all your connections to get a more realistic strength analysis ;) This reduces the notching effect of your theoretical built to a more practical realisation.
  13. japstar

    An odd one. 82 kz750r1.

    Re: An odd one. 82 kz750r1. Brat cafe. ouch, not a good idea. You'll be rubbing your tire against the hoop. Remember that 2.5 inches will already be down to 1.5 inches onces you sit on it. Then that 1.5 inch has to withstand speed bumps and pot holes and acceleration. :-X
  14. japstar

    top 3 manufacturer/model suggestions

    Let's agree to disagree then ;) Tastes differ I guess
  15. japstar

    top 3 manufacturer/model suggestions

    It's not meant to be taken back, and not possible anymore. Grinded and welded frame. The picture was to show what can be done with customizing the original bike, not vice versa :P
  16. japstar

    top 3 manufacturer/model suggestions

    Maybe handy to know what can be made of this beauty on a budget ;) It's a GpZ550 H1 +A4 But still, it shows the same style as the GpZ750
  17. japstar

    Custom GPZ550 (ZX550A and KZ550H)

    Got around to disassembling the engine yesterday (and this evening). Bought an impact gun and an impact screwdriver. Both a very welcome addition to the workshop it seems 8) Engine seems to be in very good shape. The cam chain was a bit strectched (I alligned to chain pins on the other end of...
  18. japstar

    Benelli Enduro to Cafe Brat

    Well, I think you won't have cold thighs during a winter drive :D
  19. japstar

    GPZ 550 Monoshock Build

    I'm working on the same bike, and modified the tank by cutting the walls out where your knees go, and then making steel plates to fit. I brazed the plates in place on the tank, and it turned out really sweet (in my opinion though).
  20. japstar

    Stribolt's xv1000 TR1

    old ::)
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