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    DTT @ the N.A. INT'L SUPERSHOW Jan. 15-17, 2010.

    Hey guys and Helen! It was great to see you all at the show! Congrats on your first show and all your awards!!
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    Black Dice Cafe Opening

    Well hello dere gang...been a while..and butterfly just gave me the heads up on this.. Congrats to you Hide..will try and make it down and say hi! :) cheers E
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    Mosport Vintage weekend.

    Wow...Rob those are awesome pictures...thanks :)
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    Mosport Vintage weekend.

    Was nice to meet you Dave and meet Drewski and his buddies... just happend to ride up one of the hills to get a better look at the races and saw all these nice looking Kawi's and thought to myself..this must be Kawi Hill..LOL then we ran into each other again at the t-shirt sorry...
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    Thursday Night Accident!! DJLing goes down!!..

    Holey....glad your going to be ok Eric...bikes can be fixed..people can too but no replacement parts up and heal.. I have done the kickstand down thing with my 83 Nighthawk..ouch.
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    Thursdays - Haugens Motorcycle gathering PIX

    Hey Rob..I was almost gonna go too..glad you had fun and took some shots! :) See you all soon!
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    Congrats to Saucer - A New DAD!!!

    Congrats to you all! :)
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    Anyone like ice skating? Fri. Feb. 29th.

    have fun :)
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    The Official "Rockabilly & Pin-up Chicks we all Love" Post...

    arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh my eyes are melting again... aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh yikes
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    **Lets see the Leathers....**

    hee hee hee... I'll never show and tell.... :-X ;)
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    Daytona Party - 08 March 2008 - Saturday!

    hmmmm ;) this could be interesting... hee hee hee
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    What do you guys think?? - - snell Helmets should be snug to start with. No pressure points (pain). You should not be able to fit your finger up from...
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    TATTOOs... Lets see what ya got!!..

    Re: TATTOO's... Lets see what ya got!!.. yup thats the worst :-X people just don't surprise me anymore..well Noel ;)
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    Hmmm... DTT race bike?

    ;Dm heee hee heee
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    Hmmm... DTT race bike?

    Don't forget the stiletto heels and whip! Meow!!! LOL ;) :P thanks for the votes of confidence. Hope to be wrenching this year. :) soon.
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    Hmmm... DTT race bike?

    hmm track bunny! ;D with a torque wrench! ;D
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    Road Trips around ontario

    Great site Rob, been on many of those roads :) :)
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    Road Trips around ontario

    I am just a we bit North of Toronto and love to ride anywhere! Happy to lead or follow or sweep! :) I know a few nice roads around the North end of Ontario and Hamilton! ;D
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    HAPPY 23rd BIRTHDAY ButterflyMeth!!..

    Happy Belated Darlene!! :)
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