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  1. adventurco

    Cotter Pin Gear "Direction" Wallet

    Never used “Original Direction Wallet” from Cotter Pin Gear. Very nicely made waxed canvas wallet with map pocket. Has magnets at all 4 corners which keep it clamped together as a wallet, or keep it securely on tank if you’re using it with a map. $60 shipped CONUS...
  2. adventurco

    AdvCo’s Yard Sale

    Moving soon so I’m trying to empty out some stuff I don’t want to keep hanging on to, and cheap. Prices all OBO and I will cut deals for multiple items. Hell, some of the stuff is free, just pay shipping from 77357. I’ll be adding things as I dig them out. Nissin Caliper and master cylinder...
  3. adventurco

    93 Honda XR250L Parts

    Good shape parts from an early 90's XR250L. Prices do not include shipping. Located in Houston TX 77357. The rear wheel is sold. Tank (super clean inside) - $100 Seat - $50 Rear Shock - $50 Swingarm - $25 Forks - $100 Front Brake - $25 Front Wheel - $50 Not pictured: -Triple Trees (upper +...
  4. adventurco

    BMW Airhead Accessories - Seats, Bags Etc

    Accessories for BMW airhead, I think it was likely on a /5. Prices + shipping, open to any offers. Wixom Fairing $50 Solo Seat $125 King + Queen Seat $100 Soft Panniers $50 Top Box$ 75 Handlebars $10
  5. adventurco

    1970 VW Bus - Westfalia Resto

    Alrighty folks. I've been putting off making a thread here until I had some progress under my belt. Well, not much progress has been made but its time for a thread anyways! To catch up I'll be copy and pasting from my thread on another forum. Here we go. A few months ago a buddy of mine...
  6. adventurco

    FS: Riding Gear - Women's BMW Riding Boots, Joe Rocket Mesh Jacket Small

    Selling a set of nice women's Italian made leather riding boots w/ankle armor. Like new. Size Euro 37. $100 shipped CONUS obo Joe Rocket mesh jacket, size small with armor. No holes or tears that I've noticed. Looks to be in great shape. Has some sweet Harley patches on it that come free with...
  7. adventurco

    The z50 Zombie, Back from the Dead - a Honda Mini Trail resurrection

    As most of you know, I have a bit of a soft spot for the funky, oddball, small displacement bikes that were coming out in the 70's. I've been looking for a 50cc version of one for a couple years now, either the z50, MT50 trailhopper or what have you. While doing some window shopping on CL, I...
  8. adventurco

    1997 BMW F650 ST Bluebird - Repair, maintain, ride.

    Over the winter I picked up this F650 ST. I had been wanting a newer, more reliable bike that I can use as a daily while I wrench on the vintage stuff. The seller disclaimed that it had some milky oil, and after doing some research on these bikes I narrowed down the possibilities to a faulty...
  9. adventurco

    Brake Swap Clearance Question

    I’m swapping the front brake on the 360 over for an EX500 rotor and CBR600r caliper. What kind of clearance do I need between the OD of the rotor (A) and the inside of the caliper (B)? Also, what kind of clearance do I need between the stationary pad and rotor?
  10. adventurco

    Battery Tender/Charger Recommendations

    The time has come for me to invest in a solid battery charger, and I'm looking for some recommendations from the DTT crowd. Ideally I'd like something I can use to trickle or fast charge 6v and 12v motorcycle, lawn+garden, and car batteries that can double as a battery tender. Is this a thing...
  11. adventurco

    KZ 250 Turnaround Tracker

    I picked up this KZ250 LTD last week with the intention of fixing it up and selling it. Figured it might be worth while to post here. I’m not sure it’ll be considered a Tracker but we shall see. PO had hacked it up pretty good and installed some pretty lame OCC gear to the bars and controls...
  12. adventurco

    CB360 Complete Front Brake Assembly for Clip-ons

    Selling the stock brake system I had on my CB360. Piston is stuck in the caliper, but its a new piston/o-ring. Pads have 500 miles on them, should bed in fine. Includes stainless steel lines with shorter upper line for use with clipons/clubmans. I installed a grease fitting on the caliper mount...
  13. adventurco

    Replacing Suzuki 8-pin ignition switch

    The ignition switch on the RV125 was missing when I got the bike. Since it is unobtainium, I grabbed one of the universal 4-wire EMGO replacements since I have used them on a few bikes and had good luck. I’m trying to figure out how to wire this up. From what I can gain, with the OEM switch...
  14. adventurco

    Reusing Piston Pin Circlips

    I installed the stock piston using new circlips, then later determined that the rings were out of spec and decided to go with a OS piston/bore. The motor has NOT BEEN RUN since the circlips have been installed. Am I safe to reuse them when I install the new piston or should I just get a new set?
  15. adventurco

    WTB Mikuni VM36

    As the title says, preferably with a 3.0 slide.
  16. adventurco

    AGV 3/4 helmet with 2 Biltwell Bubble shields

    Asking $75 + shipping from 02050. Open to offers. Has one small scuff on the top. Bubble shields are in good shape no major scratches. Size Large.
  17. adventurco

    Clutch perch 7/8 bars

    Looking for something similar to this w/spot for a mirror
  18. adventurco

    CB 360 Airbox Boots

    Good shape. $10 + the ride. Sent from my iPhone using DO THE TON
  19. adventurco

    75 RD 125B Tank

    Solid. Needs to be de-rusted. Has a few dents. $75 + shipping from 77357 obo
  20. adventurco

    2 Stroke Single - Overbore Opinions

    The rings are VERY worn on the RV125 I am rebuilding. So I am going to bore it out since its the proper thing to do. Should I: 1) Bore to the next size .5mm over 2) Go all out and bore to 2mm over Will there be any significant power increase with a 2mm overbore? Is it worth it? I have no...
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