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  1. Redliner

    Frustrating float level adjustment. 1995 Yamaha Virago 750

    Why are Yamaha's and Kawasaki's so frustrating? I've never had trouble wrapping my head around a Honda. Suzuki I won't comment on. So the shop manual says that "88 and later" XV750's should have a carb fuel level of "2mm". The hell does this mean? 2mm above or below? Measuring from what point...
  2. Redliner

    Frustrating float setting. 1995 Yamaha Virago

    Why are Yamaha's and Kawasaki's so frustrating? I've never had trouble wrapping my head around a Honda. Suzuki I won't comment on. So the shop manual says that "88 and later" XV750's should have a carb fuel level of "2mm". The hell does this mean? 2mm above or below? Measuring from what point...
  3. Redliner

    Need chrome slip on mufflers for 2" headers

    I have a set of 4-2 headers and they include the mufflers, but they're kinda crap. I want to find some mufflers that will fit a 2" OD pipe and look the part. I've searched everywhere and haven't found such an odd size except for more modern sport-bike cans. Here's an idea of what I need. Let...
  4. Redliner

    Need 70's Honda seat lock or parts

    I have a seat lock that has a broken shank/bolt whatever it's called. The part that locks the pin on the seat. Let me know if you have a similar lock to the one pictured or if you at least have the shank from one. It's the part attached to the spring, sort of strawed or brassy color.
  5. Redliner

    Looking for Honda Magna clutch socket!

    This socket has a few teeth around it for removing a special lock nut. I don't care if you cut a regular socket to fit this, I just need it ASAP. Let me know price to ship to Dallas, Tx.
  6. Redliner

    Rear Spoke DISC hub for Suzuki GS needed! Can Trade!

    I'm converting a 1978 GS1000E from the alloy star wheels to classic spoked wheels. As I understand, the GS750 and GS1000 hubs are already tapped for dual disks on the front! And they should bolt right up! Let me know where I can find a decent set. Not too worried about the condition of the...
  7. Redliner

    WTB CB750k top-end! SOHC jugs and head

    OK, so the story is that a candidate for UC Berkley's highest honors decided to rebuild a CB750 top-end. You can guess how that turned out. So at this point I need a matching set of jugs, a head, and a source for new pistons and rings. I just want to bore, hone, and replace gaskets and be done...
  8. Redliner

    WTB Kawasaki KDX200 carburetor or mixture screw

    I've been working on this KDX that was delivered to me with the carb in pieces and the mixture screw MIA. Thing is, the '88 is apparently a unique creature of legend never used on any other model before or since. So, I either need this mixture screw or a carburetor that will mount up similarly...
  9. Redliner

    I had an interesting Halloween

    Not sure what everybody else did this 31st, but I flew a Mustang clear over a ditch. What made your night?
  10. Redliner

    V45 Magna Frame and motor Can part out

    Dallas, Tx. Will ship. Ask about any parts here and I will likely pull it and have it sent to you. For the whole lot I will consider offers. NOTE I agreed to swap the final drive unit with one from a V65. So a V45 pumpkin is not available here. they are compatible though. I will take time to...
  11. Redliner

    That'll just buff out, right? Ready to cringe

    Here's a CB750 that's leaking oil like mad. You can actually watch it spurt out as the bike is running. So I'm rebuilding it. Gee, I wonder what happened here. Can anybody guess exactly what the P.O. did? It should be able to be shaved down, right?
  12. Redliner

    1977 CB550k Grade A- for sale! Dallas, TX

    Located in Dallas, Tx I'm consigning this bike for a customer. He also owns a CB200T that should be running again shortly and is in at least decent shape. This bike has had some light restoration done. The engine has been painted and matches the original color well. It starts very easily and...
  13. Redliner

    Classic Auto Mechanics - Needing help with '77 Lincoln Continental Mark V

    I know there are some mechanics of the Ford persuasion on this board and I'm calling out for help with something I just can't track down. It's a 1977 Lincoln with Ford 460 motor and C6 trans. Motorcraft 4bbl carb and everything is stock except that the timing is restored to the correct pre-1972...
  14. Redliner

    PLEASE save this Kawasaki Z1B from the retirement home!

    Located in Dallas, TX. Starts, runs, ready for the road. This bike belongs to a customer of mine. You can see it is superbly restored. Whoever had their hands in this bike knew what to look for. I don't know what the condition was originally, but I can tell you that it's current condition is...
  15. Redliner

    Bike too big for DMV course? I don't suck, YOU suck

    Yet another failure to yield to criticism. This guy claims he is a skilled rider, but can't navigate the course to earn a license... so obviously that's the fault of the course. It goes on to say that a similar Harley navigated the course with ease, piloted by a police patrolman. Is this guy...
  16. Redliner

    WTB 1988 Honda Magna tank

    Working on an 88 Magna and need a tank in pretty good shape with a working cap/key. The one I'm working on has a massive dent and needs serious rust removal inside. Let me know what you got and how much you want. It's the late model (2nd gen?) with a single mounting tab on the top of the tank...
  17. Redliner

    Kawasaki Vulcan Flywheel Self-Destructed?

    This is a 95 Vulcan 500 that I was scheduled to replace the stator on. The owner removed the side cover and found something a little peculiar. Can anybody tell me what the hell happened to the magnets on the flywheel? What can we do now?
  18. Redliner

    That'll void your warranty - Your worst or most painful "fixes"

    I recently watched a video where a car's oil pan was being drained of water. It was a lot of water. I would have to guess completely FULL of water. The mech says the woman filled her car with water after it overheated. Now you've got bigger problems. I understand the difference between stupid...
  19. Redliner

    WTB 1977 GL1000 needle jet+ holder

    Somehow missing these two parts in a set of GL carbs. Let me know what you have and how much to ship to 75115 Needle jet Needle jet holder
  20. Redliner

    Ichiban's brother offers stiff competition

    How brilliant is this guy? I'm not messing when I say I felt nauseous after this one. I dare you to watch the whole series.
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