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  1. pidjones

    $650 1980 Honda 750 Super Sport

    Heat gun, ratchet strap and silicone grease. Have these on hand because you WILL have to remove the rack - perhaps many times - to get the carbs working properly. Seafoam is great for maintenance or after winter layup recovery, but for getting one that has been setting long starting, running...
  2. pidjones

    1983 Honda 750 Nighthawk

    The copper tubing gaskets get most fully compressed. Some have aluminum gaskets for the same application, and they are a bit corrugated. Also check that old gaskets were removed first. I once pulled three old flattened out copper gaskets out of each port of a GoldWing head.
  3. pidjones

    Post a pic of your latest purchase

    It''s an "Adventure bike". Do you really need good weather to break it in?
  4. pidjones

    $650 1980 Honda 750 Super Sport

    Nice! Have you adjusted the valves yet? The DOHC sites indicate that Hondas specs are one or two thousandths of an inch too tight - especially on the exhaust where they are prone to burn valves if too tight. I gave the guy that bought my '79 a whole box of shims left from my getting it in shape.
  5. pidjones

    pidjones' bicentenial build - a '76 RD400

    Oh, YES! Took her for ~50 miles of flat, grades, curvy, straight roads and she ran great! First kick start (choke ON) and quick warmup to choke OFF and idling. Stopped twice and she restarted first kick both times. Still breaking in new rings, so up & down in RPMs and keeping them below 7k...
  6. pidjones

    ** PICS OF MEMBERS RIDES ** - Official Before & After Thread

    Geneva was purchased as a "rolling basket case" August 2020. As I had a brand new one back in '76, decided to change the paint to match what I had back then. If it ever dries up around here, hoping to give her a real shake-down run (more than the 8 miles she's done so far). UPDATE: Did ~50...
  7. pidjones

    DIY Electronic Ignition

    Nice. What transistor are you using to fire the coils?
  8. pidjones

    1982 CB750F...Better Devil

    Another thing that I learned with them is to tap on the leaking carb with a screwdriver handle. Guess the needles hang or don't self-center and the tapping is like starting it.
  9. pidjones

    Make a slow bike fast - KZ750 Twin

    I like the Smoked Steel.
  10. pidjones

    1975 Yamaha RD350 - Engine noise after engine seizure repair

    The guys on the British RD site seem pretty convinced that his problem is LC pistons in an RD, and too much clearance at that.
  11. pidjones

    Bauer electric 1/2" impact

    Ok, maybe Harbor Freight isn't everyone's favorite tool store for tools that really "do it". But, this 110V 8.5 amp tool has1050 ft-lbs breakaway torque, and in just a half dozen uses has me thinking it is The Beast! Kinda heavy and awkward if in tight spaces, but for big tight nuts on axles...
  12. pidjones

    pidjones' bicentenial build - a '76 RD400

    Took her to a car/bike show put on by the Knox county sheriff's dept today. Four of the six V-Twins made their top 75. None of the other seven bikes were recognized (including a custom WW2 vintage BSA single). Our vintage club had fun, though. I'm really looking forward to riding the little...
  13. pidjones

    1982 CB750F...Better Devil

    I agree. My '79 CB750F was terribly cold shouldered. For the first dozen or so rides I would carry a driver to idle it down after 10 miles or so, but had to adjust again after about 40 miles. Finally learned to keep it on the idle-up ramp of the choke for much longer. Additionally, the valves...
  14. pidjones

    pidjones' bicentenial build - a '76 RD400

    Finally pulled her out of the shed. Had been kicking her over four times throttle closed and four throttle open daily for over a week. Today I turned on the (new) petcock and on first kick she sputtered, third she fired and ran. Pulled her up behind the house and removed the rear master. Ran my...
  15. pidjones

    1976 Gold Wing Swamp Thing

    The same hose I use. Hint; a little silicone lube (I use Dow Corning High Vacuum Grease because that is the industry I was in, plumbing grease is Ok) on the inside ends of the hoses, spouts on the radiator, thermostat housing and water pump cover allow easier installation.
  16. pidjones

    BMW R90/6.. TAT G/S Tribute

    Once again, a luggage rack is THE most useful add-on to a daily driver. Ya done good!
  17. pidjones

    Finishing a 77 Yamaha XS750 CR Project

    IMHO (and just from what I've read as I have avoided this move), pods are not a good move when sorting a new engine. They require different jetting, usually. However, I doubt it causes white smoke. Did you check valve cleaarances? Also, bikee that have sat up for years have often become critter...
  18. pidjones

    old floats

    All it takes is an adapter to the drain screw that you can attach about 10" of clear tubing to. Turn off the petcock, drain the bowl normally and install your adapter with the tube. Place the tube end higher than the carb. Open the petcock and fuel should flow into the bowl until the float valve...
  19. pidjones

    1975 Honda CB125S and 1981 CM200T

    With pods I guess you definitely need bigger jets and move the needle clip down (raise the needle).
  20. pidjones

    BMW R90/6.. TAT G/S Tribute

    Talent and artistry!
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