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    :) ;D ;D ;DA very Happy 1st Birthday to the creaters of To The Ton. ;D ;D ;D :) Noel, Tim, Heidi. Congrats to you 3. BRAVO!!! Good work on cutting your teeth on a great site that is informative, helpful, fun, and a silly place to chat and enjoy poking fun at Noel. (joke) I have met a lot of...
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    What the heck is up with that huge big add for lindsaylights?? holey moley...its annoying. IMO :o
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    Noel to ride past the Princess gates....tonight

    I can't believe it, I just heard this news... Will it be true? I have my top man on this story tonight, with camera, you thought blue-metal-dog was an enigma?? 'Equus~Busters' to the case! Noel on his bike tonight at DQ... I have to see this myself as well... my sources report he may swing by...
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    What happened to Spring?

    This is such crappy weather this weekend. I keep looking at my sleeping bike wondering when will we become 1 again? Sigh....... :-[
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    Was How not to juggle rotors - now is brake fluid ;-)

    Just a FYI if you wanna juggle brake disk rotors, because you get that juggling itch, make sure to look for loose metal shrapnel on the edges. If you don't, you can get a nice cut on your finger and hand from it. This message has been brought to you today from experiance. Thank you. ;)...
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    Monday's Meet in March for Mayhem! 8PM Timmy's on Danforth be there or be....

    [color=orange][font=arial]Hey lets start a trend... Anyone interested in meeting at the Timothys on Danforth tonight? Thinking of heading down tonight.. around 8pm~ish.. feel like chilling? muuuuuuhahahah we can crash the gta peeps party with our Do The Ton mayhem..LOL muuuuuuhahahahahah ;D :P
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    Anyone order some Snow?

    Wow the snow is really comming down. How is it in your area! (and no I don't wanna hear about sunny California >:() That was not a fun drive home. Be careful out there :o
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    pm trouble

    I can not seem to pm anyone anymore. There is a new box on my screen that wants me to verify letters before I can send a message, and there are no letters in the box to verify. help pls ans tx
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