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  1. Maxd22

    moto guzzi for sale testing waters

    moto guzzi sp1000 II Im not sure how much its worth and i trust you all to be honest with me, I was told somewhere around 4000 would be a good price, it is in nearly perfect condition with 2000-5000 miles if i remember right, it was my grandfathers bike and my dads after him, and i want to sell...
  2. Maxd22

    Cb200 "Hephaestus"

    Bddddddump drumroll.... What will happen when a 16 year old takes over his dads garage and buys a bike. The son struggles as the father lets him make his own mistakes. My names max and this is my build, named after the god of metalwork and craft, hopefully everything doesn't end up horribly...
  3. Maxd22

    Aussies about salt lake

    Where is everyone meeting ? I keep hearing about it but have got a few different places and times, I think it's the pizza place at 7 is that right?
  4. Maxd22

    Cb200T t for tremendous

    8) I am so happy With the progress of this bike! I've only had it for 2 weeks and bought it for 300$! That should put a smile on your face. I was the third guy to call but be held it for me because I'm a teenager! Haha well here she is! And what I've got so far! Tips and critiques welcome ...
  5. Maxd22

    What do you guys think

    What do you guys think of this tank and tank seat combo
  6. Maxd22

    Salt lake?

    Anybody know of anybody in Salt Lake City? I would like to get more involved locally and would like to learn about what Salt Lake City guys are doing for builds
  7. Maxd22

    Hello from Salt Lake City

    Hey my names max I'm from Salt Lake City utah and am new to this whole scene, in fact I'm relatively new to bikes, I'm sixteen and I'm building my first bike. I would love to post some threads, and ask questions. Also if your in Salt Lake City I would like to meet with people who could help me...
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