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  1. jetmechmarty

    A very cool picture of my Uncle Jack

    Jack Hayes (Gunner Hayes) was my mother's eldest brother. He was born some time around 1925, the first of 13 children. His father (my grandfather) served in the trenches of The Great War as a machine gunner. Jack served in the Navy for 30 years, having signed on during WWII. He rose to the rank...
  2. jetmechmarty

    2019 Vintage Yamaha Rally

    Planning to attend the 2019 Vintage Yamaha Rally? ~ September 27-28-29-30, 2019 Now is the time to make your Reservations with the Iron Horse Motorcycle Lodge Iron Horse is now taking reservations on a 1st come, 1st served basis for any available room (Cabin, Bunkhouse, RV Site & Tent Spot)...
  3. jetmechmarty

    2018 Vintage Yamaha Rally

    The 2018 Vintage Yamaha Rally will be held Sep 28 to Oct 1, 2018. If it's 25 or more years old and motivates by Yamaha power, this is your rally. We want to see it! The setting is fantastic and you need to be there. Hang out, kick tires, ride, or wrench. It's a great way to spend a weekend...
  4. jetmechmarty

    Motorcycle Legends Weekend

    Bring it! Let's see what ya got!
  5. jetmechmarty

    North Georgia Yamaha XS650 Rally ..April

    In Atlanta, or points north? Are you a fan of the XS650? April 15-17, 2016 is the date for the Smoky Mountain Dogwood Rally. It will be held at Two Wheels of Suches in Suches, Georgia.
  6. jetmechmarty

    XS Southeast 2016

    XS Southeast 2016 XS Southeast 2016 will be held 23 through 26 September at Iron Horse Motorcycle Lodge. We have the entire resort reserved until 15 January. It's all up for grabs after that. No rush if primitive camping is your thing. If you have a motorcycle and care to tour and hang with...
  7. jetmechmarty

    XS1100 interest -XS Southeast

    This gathering has been ongoing since 2002. The last few have seen a lot of growth. There are still beds remaining for the 2015 event in Sept. Planning is just beginning. All riders are welcome. This is a riders'...
  8. jetmechmarty

    Failed tank liner

    I have a tank liner in a XS650 that has failed and I am trying to remove it. I'll cut to the chase. I poured a gallon of Klean Strip paint stripper in there and it was left in the tank over night. It did not dissolve the liner or cause it to turn loose. The liner material is grey. I can't...
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