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    Green Hornet CB 550/650 Hybrid #2014 Footage Compilation

    Re: "Let's call it The Green Hornet" Nice color schema, good choice!!
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    Suzuki Intruder (GN) 250cc from Brazil

    Re: 99/99 Suzuki Intruder (GN) 250cc from Brazil To acompanhando Luiz, belo projeto, acompanho faz um bom tempo o forum tambem mas ainda não tinha começado a minha, essa semana começei e ja tirei umas fotos em breve começo meu topico, uma CB 400! Good look, looking forward to seeing yours next...
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    Engine BEFORE and AFTER

    Very nice CoffeGuy, love that clean and shine engine too, but in my actual project my engine will be all black! :)
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    Engine BEFORE and AFTER

    Thanks brother, I will paint my engine soon, and I will do like you, as soon as I do, I post some photos!!
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    Correct way to de-tab?

    First time I saw something that is cheaper in Brazil, flap discs here are about $ 3 each for the same size! hahaha
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    Engine BEFORE and AFTER

    Did you used paint stripper, or just sanded before painting? Nice work btw!!
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