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  1. HollywoodMX

    LED H4 bulbs on Ebay..

    Ok there are like a 1000 different styles, wattage etc. Anyone have experience with these? I'm guessing the ones with the heat sink last longer. There are different LED combinations/counts. I could sit down and figure it all out seeing if people have experience thoughts about these. I cant...
  2. HollywoodMX

    Vintage Video "Bad Ass Kawasaki kz1000 Ltd"

    I thought the video was pretty humorous and cool at the same time.
  3. HollywoodMX

    Props to

    Never seen this before and thought it was great.
  4. HollywoodMX

    Vintage motor break in oil - Thoughts?

    I'm starting my new motor soon. Its full of assembly lube in more places that your wife has orifices, ha! ;) I know there are random shavings in the so I'm actually going to flush it first with some random 10w30 I have kicking around, Then change the oil early than usual in engine braking...
  5. HollywoodMX

    Skip the banjo in custom break lines?

    I need to get some custom brake lines soon. I have picked spiegler as the vendor. I was thinking since I'm running mono blocks in both builds why not skip the banjo on the caliphs end and directly screw into the cable to the caliper. I'm not going to lose much cable directing that way. Just...
  6. HollywoodMX

    Anyone have experience with Super B carbs?

    I have one that's pretty tricked out but I'm a bit lost to understand some of these tricks. First it has 3 Thunder jets. 125 135 145 jets respectively. Then it has non original jet like a air jet in the side. I think there is an 80 in that. Then it has a fuel outlet on the side. Originally...
  7. HollywoodMX

    What happened to my paint?

    Its about 2 weeks after paint. 2k urethane enamel single stage. Etch Primer, sanded primer, filler primer, black paint, sanded base, yellow paint. Both the yellow and the black are the same product. Gas spilled on the tank. (Gas pump check valve never closed). Most of the gas spilled on the...
  8. HollywoodMX

    Pin wholes in bondo work?

    So I have been battling with my tank modification/restore as the tank had a lot of dents and I extended portions and welded new metal, etc. I have the bondo smooth everywhere its ready for paint except I have a bunch of pin wholes in the bondo but only on certain sections. So I bondo'd over...
  9. HollywoodMX

    Will buying a sport bike ruin my vintage bike experience(s)?

    I only have one friend into vintage bikes 90% of my other bike friends have 1 liter+ bikes. We recently went on a small ride weekend in Montana. I was the only person with a passenger and i was on my 82 gpz 1100. Even with a recent fork tune up i was sadly out classed. Yes i was more careful...
  10. HollywoodMX

    KBS Cycle Tank Repair Kit - Warning & Better ways.

    So my GPZ tank was rusting, enough to clog the fuel filter one day. Previously I used electrolysis which lasted about 1.5 years. So I decided to take it to the next step. A local hot rod shop had nothing but praise to say about the KBS Cycle Tank Repair Kit. KBS was once some people from POR...
  11. HollywoodMX

    Mind blown: World of warcraft, motorcycles and Paul Jr????

    Azeroth choppers? For real, lol. :-X :-X :-X I had to ask the girlfriend if hell froze over or armageddon came and I missed it..
  12. HollywoodMX

    Hollywoodmx's XV920 Tracker - Quick Build

    I got my hands another 81 chain drive. Since I have 3 builds going I am planning to put this on the quick path. I will do the fork swap and modern wheels next winter this year I am focusing just getting the bike going quickly so I don't feel I am living in the garage during my free time. I am...
  13. HollywoodMX

    2014 cb1100 12k? LOL!

    I almost shat myself. I was reading a magazine while traveling and it blew my mind to see the new cb for 12k! Does that come with 5 years of a perfect girlfriend with blow jobs on command? The bike isn't even impressive in any way I could think of. Needless to say I do think feel bad...
  14. HollywoodMX

    Recommend oil cooler for air cooled Hi performance motor?

    I have been looking for a decent oil cooler for my supercharged kz1075. I have a lock heart on it now but it's too small. I look at the ones on eBay and they are with too wide 13" or not quite the right dimensions, or too cheap looking (Chinese specials). I'm also a fan of the curved oil...
  15. HollywoodMX

    I got a kick out of this ... "cafe racers"

    I bought some stuff from cruiser customizing like 3 years ago. They actually had the progressive spring for the 920 back then.. Anyways I received this today and got a good laugh with the "cafe'd harley" with the peanut tank still. lol. Its a guy uncomfortably hunched over with a set of clip-ons...
  16. HollywoodMX

    Anyone ride or have exposure to a Yammagamma?

    For the curious readers you basically take an rg250, swap out out the engine with a yamaha lc 350 or ypvs 350. Reason why they made these was the 250 gamma was a better handler and lighter bike by 60+ lbs, aluminum frame but the engine lacked, the yamaha had the engine but a much heavier of a...
  17. HollywoodMX

    Batman called me. He said he wants his motorcycle back...

    I was looking at kinda does. :-X ;D I don't know what it is, just seems to look more bad ass.. It's even got a super trick gear shifter!
  18. HollywoodMX

    Mount sport bike mono-shock upside down?

    I have a 07 (iirc) triumph speed triple mono-shock that has a remote reservoir ala rubber line and side banjo. Can it be mounted upside down (at a 45 degree upside down angle vs 45 degree right side up)? I have seen other mono-shocks mounted upside down on custom builds but read mixed responses...
  19. HollywoodMX

    Honda Ascot vt500 any good?

    I'm thinking of making a tracker for the girlfriend. It will need to do some light Hi way traveling. Like hour trips but mostly city driving. I heard they are rock solid a bit washy in the suspension but really easy to drive. I'm looking at an 84. Apparently it's the same motor as the v twin...
  20. HollywoodMX

    So what's the deal with the chunky dual sport tires on cafe/trackers builds?

    As seen on a lot of builds on popular bike blogs, you seen these fantastic creations with modern suspension and they add these dual sport variety tires. Something like the dunlop D616, scorpion S/T, etc, etc. Granted some are tracker builds, but how many of these trackers really see the dirt...
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