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  1. Frito Bandito

    Titan make over

    In my humble yet extremely insightful opinion, the Suzi Titan is one of the top six bikes ever built.
  2. Frito Bandito

    Just For Fun --- How OLD Are You?

    65 here. Starting riding in my wayward youth out of Oxfordshire England. My not-so-trusty AJS G50 apparently didn't like me much, but I truly loved it. I dearly wish we were still partners, but ''tis not to be. My current ride is a slightly modified 1972 Harley Davidson Sportster (right side...
  3. Frito Bandito

    My daily ride - Lets see yours

    This isn't just my daily ride, it's my only ride (for now). 1972 Harley Sportster, right side shift. We've been partners for over 20 years, and probably will be for another twenty. Just got my hands on a nice little 'barn find'. A complete 1966 T100 (500cc) Triumph. Should be an adventure to get...
  4. Frito Bandito

    Just bought my first bike, living in boston, need help, 1978 XS 750

    Really nice bike mate! Yammy triples make killer kaffs. Like other posters said, I would go with a simple Ace bar (7/8") for right now and just ride the bejeezes out of it. The fuel tank has got some great lines so I would definitely keep that and look to either AirTech or Dime city for a bum...
  5. Frito Bandito

    Clever Scam

    OH MY GOD!!!!! Thanks for the warning! I'm going to start carrying 4 wallets (one in each pocket). I can't wait to get scammed!!!!!
  6. Frito Bandito

    How do you ignore someone?

    I wouldn't blame you one bit for ignoring me. My wife does, and so do I most of the time!
  7. Frito Bandito

    SR500 Build... Almost there!

    Ahhhhhhhhh, a big single! Nothing says 'cafe' more than a big single, and you have one of the best. Congrats! I've had several thumpers and am constantly on the lookout for my next one. Keep us posted, I'd love to see the finished product!
  8. Frito Bandito

    1974 Honda CB360 Garage Find Cafe Build

    No words of advice here, just encouragement. Your doing a brilliant job! And I'm very, very impressed that your doing all the work yourself! I've always thought that the Honda 350/360 made terrific kaffs, and I'm sure yours is going to be very impressive! The seat really doesn't look too big and...
  9. Frito Bandito

    Poll.......Which one of the two tires?

    Yup! The 705 is much more aggressive looking!
  10. Frito Bandito

    1962 BSA DBD34 Gold Star restoration (1000 miles and more)

    Re: 1962 BSA DBD34 Gold Star restoration (Gearbox is done) Swan, I can't tell you how much I've enjoyed this thread (with the very minor exception of that obnoxious 'swivel' fella)!! I'm currently negotiating for a 1957 BSA 441 Alloy Clipper that a friend has in his barn (next to his BSA A5)...
  11. Frito Bandito

    NORCAL Folks

    Not many tonners up here in Lake County. This is Hawley country, and unless you ride one of those bling barges and pretend your a badass biker, you just don't fit in.
  12. Frito Bandito

    Paint what did I do wrong?

    What kind of paint did you use? Enamel or lacquer? On some paints, if you wait more than 1 hour between coats, the drying agent in the paint will lift the previous coat of paint giving it that eggshell look, and there is no sanding it down after that. You'll need to strip it down and start...
  13. Frito Bandito

    Setbacks or blunders to your cafe projects?

    Re: Setbacks to your cafe projects? Setbacks? My current project, and one that I am totally determined to see through and keep, is a 1972 Harley Davidson Sportster 1000cc, which was built from the factory with a right side shifter/left side brake. The bike is an engineering disaster. At every...
  14. Frito Bandito

    CB550 "Lucretia"

    Wow! That is really a nice build (and some very nice pics too!). About the name, Lucretia....I love it! When I was growing up, everyone named their bike. I used to spend summers in the UK with my uncle, and even there, most of the guys named their bikes. It's a little sad that the tradition has...
  15. Frito Bandito

    '74 Suzuki TS250 Beginner Build

    Outstanding! In my most humble of opinions, 2 strokes are way cool! I grew up on 2 strokes in the 60's and never lost my love for them. They are very fast, very reliable, easy peasy to work on, and make very cool cafe racers or stock restos. I would love to get my hands on another RD or Suzi...
  16. Frito Bandito

    Number plates?

    Are you talking about the 'pedestrian slicer' plates on the front fender?
  17. Frito Bandito

    First post of my first bike.... not completed... yet ;)

    Did you check right here on DTT? Go to the 'Forum' main page and scroll down to the 'rear-sets' and click on that. But I'll still check around for you. I'll be going to the Garage Company pretty soon and you never know what they have in their back room, but I'll certainly ask and get back to you.
  18. Frito Bandito

    A pair of Suzuki X6's - 1 Resto, 1 Cafe

    This is a bit late and I'm not sure if you will read this, but I had to say that your pics of the X6 Hustler kinda brought tears to my eyes. My dear ol' dad bought me a brand new one for Xmas in 1967, it was my first 'real' bike, and to this day, I still think of it as a "perfect" bike...
  19. Frito Bandito

    First post of my first bike.... not completed... yet ;)

    I used to have one of those! Great bike! Quick, reliable (always a plus), and nice handling. A set of clip-ons with bar-end mirrors, maybe some rear-sets (if you can find them) and you'll have a winner. Other than that, I'd leave it alone.
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