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  1. treitz

    CB500 Big Bore Question

    Hey all, I have access to a spare CB500 that needs rebuilt. It move freely, but has low compression and some missing parts. Since it already needs rebuilt, and needs new pistons, I'm thinking about going big-bore. My question is this... - Could I simply go up to a 550, or even 650 stock piston...
  2. treitz

    HD Black Leather Jacket

    Love this jacket, but I just won't wear it this year. This jack is in like new condition. Seriously. At least a 9.5 out of 10. Heavy duty, genuine leather. Super comfortable. Jacket is a men's size small. I wear a small/medium shirt and it fits me perfectly. Allows for a sweatshirt...
  3. treitz


  4. treitz

    1982 Virago 750 - NO START

    Background on the rust bucket here: I finally got this thing all wired up. Only 2 weeks away from the ride, so I'm a little further behind at this point than I'd like to be. But I guess that's all a part of the game. INPUT NEEDED Here's...
  5. treitz

    Mikuni MKII / MK2 Parts (Yamaha XS)

    I have a rack of Mikuni MKII carbs from a late 70's XS750. I tried tuning them for my 850 but just couldn't get them to work. I think there is something wrong with the #1 carb, but the other 2 appear to be good. Will sell the rack for parts, or part out as needed if you want. I also have 4...
  6. treitz

    The One Moto Show

    Anybody going to be attendance and/or showing bikes?
  7. treitz

    7/8" Bobber Bars

    So I'm building this XV750 Rat Rod / Bobber thing, and I can't decided what kind of bars to run on it. First off - it's a budget build, so the cheaper the better. Read more about the project in the link in my signature. Esthetics are definitely secondary on this project, but since it's my first...
  8. treitz

    XV750 - "The Rust Bucket" - #500x500 Challenge

    Hey crew. Just picked up this XV750 for a little 500x500 challenge we have going in the Portland area next spring. The goal is to spend less than $500 on a bike, then all go for a 500 mile weekend ride. So, here's the ride. I'll document progress and also how much I spend on it here for fun and...
  9. treitz

    ZX6R Right Hand Clipon w/ Master and Switches

    Purchased this for parts, so I'm selling what I don't need. The clip on may need some fresh paint, and the switch is in great condition. The red/pink lever is brand new, also comes with the silver one. Based on the tests I ran, I believe the master cylinder needs rebuilt. Asking $50 shipped.
  10. treitz

    Brake Bleeding for Dummies

    Okay, so I've read the manual, and every article online, but for some reason I always have the hardest time getting it to work. There is no fluid in the lines at the moment, but no matter how many times I go through the process, the fluid just will not leave the reservoir. Master cylinder and...
  11. treitz

    1980 XS850G + Universal Parts (moving sale)

    Hey guys. I'm relocating next week and trying to clean out the garage. Here are some parts left over from my 1980 XS850 Standard. Not looking to get rich, just want to clear the garage out. Let me know what you need, and where you are located, and we can work out a price. - Clutch lever -...
  12. treitz

    Hood River Anyone?

    Just received confirmation that I will be relocating from Boise Idaho to Hood River Oregon the middle of next month. Any DTT members in the area? I know there are probably a ton in Portland, just wondering about the Hood River area in particular.
  13. treitz


    This is a nice gun that was used to paint a car a few years ago and has sat unused since. Really good condition. High quality gun assembly. Brand: Central Pneumatic $40 + shipping. PM if interested
  14. treitz

    Compression Test...

    First off... bike specs: 1979 XS400 So I've searched high and low online and found conflicting answers. This is my first time testing compression on a kick only bike, so the question is... how many times should you kick it over for a compression test? 1) First article I read said that you...
  15. treitz

    1976 Suzuki Re5 Rotary

    Not mine, but awesome...
  16. treitz

    Boise, ID - 1974 Suzuki GT550 Triple

    Man I wish I had the cash for this thing right now...
  17. treitz

    XS850 - Wiring...

    Okay, so I am simplifying the wiring harness on my XS850 and have only come across ONE wire that is baffling me. I've searched and searched and looked at multiple diagrams and I can't figure it out. These are three wires that go to the ignition switch. However coming out of the connector is...
  18. treitz


    Bought this a year ago and have used it 2 or 3 times. It works fine but I have the chance to grab a different sync tool here locally, so I won't be using this any more. It comes with everything needed to sync 2 - 3 or 4 cylinders on most bikes. Looking for $45 shipped. I paid around $80 for it...
  19. treitz

    Bridgestone Spitfire Rear Tire (130/90-17)

    This tire was mounted, but I don't know if it was ever used. The white line on it would make me think no? Looking for $65 shipped OBO
  20. treitz

    Bridgestone Battlax BT-016 Front Tire (120/60-ZR17)

    Brand new. Mounted and rolled around, thus the dirt, but never ridden. 120/60-ZR17 $100 shipped. Sorry the photos suck. I'll try to get better ones tonight.
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