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  1. MORK

    XV920R - Fat and Low

    Well, finally enough progress has been made that I'm not wasting space on a "look what I plan to do" thread. Bike backstory - PO bought the bike, slapped on a Hageman subframe and a seat, clipons, a gutted fart can with a Harley tip, and a $20 piece of crap eBay light. Here she be on the way...
  2. MORK

    Virago XV920R complete dual disc front end - CO

    I'm swapping in an R6 front end on my XV920R and figure someone would like the dual discs and better shocks to go on a XV750 or 920 shaft drive. Brakes work great, no leaks, good pads. Brand new tire. Fork seals are good. Includes the brake lever and master cylinder obviously. I don't want to...
  3. MORK

    The Platypus (CB750C)

    Picked up this thing for a steal to get back into a little building. I wouldn't have chosen it originally except for the price and condition. Has 17k on it and looks to have been well taken care of until it was garaged for a few years. Budget has been cleared for it, so progress will be...
  4. MORK

    Hooligan BMW R80/7

    I had lurked enough and got some great ideas from here, so I figured I would share the progress on this sucker. As you can see, it started out as one giant-ass tourer of a Airhead. Had all kinds of crazy little things done to it from the PO, but slowly it was stripped down and I built it the way...
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