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  1. Pwalo

    Classic bike racing live today at goodwood revival.

    Bikes on at 11:45 GMT Loads of classic car racing and air displays live all day: Enjoy folks!!!
  2. Pwalo

    1976 T140 Ground up restoration

    Here is what I'm up to at the minute. Been out of the loop for a few months due to family commitments but the Triumph is back in the middle of the empire of clutter and hopefully I might get a run out of her later today. A little history on the bike: The owner has had this bike for 30 years...
  3. Pwalo

    The UK General Election

    A call out to all those who share a platform of living bikes in the small group of rocks we call Britain. Please either confirm my fears or deny my allegations that there is a bizarre attempt at outright media brainwashing concerning where we should put the cross. I think we should take our...
  4. Pwalo

    A little slice of history

    Back in the day my uncle used to race motorcycles. He built a few of them too. I guess he's partly responsible for my penchant for mucky fingernails and a shed that smells of racing motorcycles. Here is a link to a blog which covered some of his exploits in an article a few years ago. The blog...
  5. Pwalo

    Spot the difference.

    As the person at the end of the supply chain, who fits and ensures the parts fitted are fit for porpoise, I often find myself in total amazement at some of the crap that leaves factories and finds it's way into my grimy hands at the empire of clutter. Time and time again it is proven to me that...
  6. Pwalo


    Hello all. A few may already know me but for those who don't I'm a scruffy ginger chap who lives in a shed in Yorkshire. I'm generally to be found working on a motorcycle. I've joined the site for a place to hang out with like minds whilst I'm having a brew and playing on the confuser...
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