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  1. bananas

    LSL Headlight Ears 45mm

    Selling 45mm LSL Headlight Ears. Like new condition. Test fitted once for mockup only. Not sure what bikes they'll fit on. $185USD+Shipping New, Asking $150 Shipped from Canada.
  2. bananas

    Wanted: 79 KZ200 Top-End Rebuild Parts

    Hello! Looking for a camshaft and associated parts for a top end rebuild. 1979 KZ200. Would be willing to take a full motor if necessary. PM Please. Thanks!!
  3. bananas

    Monoshock Conversion

    So I've been having trouble with my non-linkage monoshock setup.. I had planned to mount my shock to the top rail of my swingarm and the upper mount under my gas tank.. I picked up a non-linkage 2006 Ducati 800SS Sachs unit (dual-rate spring) because it is mounted in this way. So it turns out my...
  4. bananas

    1979 CB750 DOHC Monoshock Build

    Hello DTT! Long time lurker on the forums. You guys have been a huge inspiration for starting a build. I've been meaning to post a build thread for my 1979 Honda CB 750 Limited. Picked her up two years ago for $200. She was abandoned outside of a building downtown and sat for 4 years. My...
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