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    78 CB750K

    I am selling my 78 CB750K $2200 if anyone is interested in the SF Bay Area or knows someone who might be Link to Craigslist: Thanks!!
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    "St. Valentine" - 67 Yamaha YCS1

    Just picked this new bike up for my gf for Valentines day (thus the project name) its pretty rare and looks great I think, and for the deal I got it's in surprisingly good shape, as well as there are a surprising number of NOS parts available on Ebay. It's a little two stroker 180cc twin, the...
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    Honda Wiring Diagrams for Dummies This is a great resource for old honda wiring diagrams, especially for people who cannot read a standard diagram, they are basically simple drawings showing every component and the wires leading out of them, where they go and what...
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    My new project 78 750K

    I just picked up my new (to me) 1978 CB750K, last Sunday 1/10, it wasnt running at the time although I was promised that it just needed a new battery, which was far from the case, in any case I got it home, worked,worked,worked and got it started and down to Lossa Engineering where it sits now...
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    78 CB750 Electrical Question

    Soooo, last night I bought a 78 CB750K, on the assumption that with a new battery it would start up (i know i know) so as you can guess, I get it home, new battery in, and.....nothing, no lights no nothing, completely dead as far as electronics go, so my question to people that may have been in...
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    So I wonder if anyone has ever tried this but, I'm considering having various parts of my bike anodized, including the motor, so if anyone has any advice or experience regarding the subject please chime in and let me know your thoughts, I've just never seen it done and I spoke with a local...
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