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  1. cxman

    Murrays Carbs

    I wanted to let you know we are running a special till new years on all our carb kits if you have any questions just pm me can somebody tell me why the picture is not loading i used the insert image thing ?
  2. cxman

    Triumph Carb kit

    so i am getting ready to release a new triumph carb kit its the first one i have done the design from scratch in 3d solidworks so its been interesting but the fit is amazing it also have some trick 3d printed parts to do the project i went and found 3 bikes here is my research team so first...
  3. cxman


    So i am doing some kits for the triumph bonneville and america and speedster so i went out and got my as 02 america with the 790 cc 270 degree motor then i also went and bought a 07 bonnevile speedmaster with the 864 cc 360 degree less horse power model (790 has 61 hp 864 has 54) so i wanted...
  4. cxman

    need a cb550 exhaust system

    anybody have one ? let me know please
  5. cxman

    i have to many bikes some have to go

    while i am not going to post all info here on the forum or answer questions posted i am going to publish a list of running bikes i have for sale most are in great mechanical condition with all the work needed to be on the road done including tires and are either currently plated or titled i...
  6. cxman

    Photo bucket fixer

    a friend of mine Jesse Evers wrote this Photo bucket fixer this one is for firefox it will make the images show again OK i fixed the link i dont know what was up as i just copied it from the cx500 forum here is jesses fix...
  7. cxman

    anyone here bend hoops ?

    i need some hoops for seats and suspension parts in several lengths and widths please contact me if you do
  8. cxman

    who is riding to the rumble?

    from winston and greensboro ect
  9. cxman

    honda BASE, BRUSH 31126-422-015

    i am looking for a few brush holders for honda cbs dohc they are in cb650 sohc cb750 dohc cb 900 dohc let me know if you have any thanks
  10. cxman

    Cyclemania Charlotte nc June 3rd

    whos going ??
  11. cxman

    Got my nighthawk ready for meltdown

    so i found this it was sick sad and cheap a little while later it turned into this some highlights i have rebuilt the motor including a new heavy duty clutch some head work new intakes and dual 36mm mikuni flatslides vance and hines exhaust with a custom supertrapp tip new...
  12. cxman

    A cx500/65 i just built
  13. cxman

    My 1991 CB750 NightHHawk

    so i started with this gem a little remodeling and here is my helper giving it a go so i can take pics its FAST sounds snarly and mean but with the supertrapp conversion on the vance and hines its reasonable i still have some more tweaking and detailing and im going...
  14. cxman

    Anybody buy from Eastwood?

    i have had 3 orders they have all been a freaking nightmare of multiple charges unfilled orders back orders many calls ect promises lies and not much fun anyone else have this from them?
  15. cxman


    we are starting to clean up and sell off some of what we will never get around to here is a rd 350 sn 351-215746 matching numbers it has not seen the light of day since 82-83 a few hours after the pics and with a carb clean a points clean and a battery it ran off my premix tank and sounds...
  16. cxman

    1978 cb750k gas tank

    i need a honda 1978 cb750k gas tank
  17. cxman

    Shana Tova

    Happy new years 5777 Shalom Murray
  18. cxman

    need a bike moved from lexington nc to little rock ar

    i have a gl500 i am prepping for jarred (j-rod 10) at slipstream cycle so he can make rear sets and pro link bushings ect it will be ready in lexington nc and it needs to go near little rock so if anybody is going or knows of anyone headed that way please contact one of us thanks
  19. cxman

    CB750 DOHC starter

    looking for a good working starter for a 750 dohc?
  20. cxman

    Wtb kz1000

    i am looking for a kz1000 i will be using it for a development bike to road test a new carb kit so it needs to be ABLE to run without a lot more than new carbs some tires and battery and maybe a seat cover
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