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  1. Bud64

    Just somethings I've done.

    Just some work I have done.
  2. Bud64

    Norton Mutt Cafe Racer

    Why did I say a Norton Mutt, because that's what she is. History: Back in Nov. 2015 I traded my Harley Ironhead, for a uncompleted resto/mod 1965 Norton Atlas build. Today I know she's put together from a 1969 Mercury Slimline feather-bed frame, 1965 750cc Atlas motor and a 1971 Commando gear...
  3. Bud64

    Bud from Waterloo

    I've been into bikes all my life and started building and modding in 1988. My first project was a 1983 Honda CB450 to my latest project a 1965/69 Norton Cafe Racer. Each project was a learning curve that took me to the next level, so that's where my saying comes from. "Always make the best of...
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