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  1. GoCrazy

    Worn valve springs ?

    Hey all, I am rebuilding a cylinder head in XJ600/ FJ600 and I just measured valve springs free height. To my surprise in case of all outer springs it was 3-4 mm over the specified height and for the inner ones it was 3-4 mm below the specified height. The manual doesn't say what is min - max...
  2. GoCrazy

    XJ 600 51J hard cold start

    I've been having cold start issues with my XJ 600 cafe project. The base bike was a runner when I put it apart so I only set the valves and changed the oil. When I put the bike together after Cafe transformation, I cleaned the carbs, replaced intake boots, stock air box remained. My first start...
  3. GoCrazy

    Aged paint affect

    Hey there, I need some tips on achieving aged paint effect on a tank of my Yamaha XJ600. I've got some ideas and I know how to draw them in Photoshop but I have clue how to transfer all this on a tank and achieve the desired result. I did some simple tank jobs before and I can get the job...
  4. GoCrazy

    XJ/FJ 600 cafe build

    Hello there, I've been reading this forum for a while now and finally decided to start my own project thread. As my base I chose 1990 Yamaha FJ600, in Europe known as XJ 600. It's not the the 70hp version though, but I bought it for a song: Facts about the bike: - a runner :) requires only...
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