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  1. Mike450

    CB450 Trouble Mounting Dunlop D404 Rear Tire

    Hey guys, I'm finally getting back to work on my CB450 cafe racer project but I've run into an issue mounting the Dunlop D404 120/90-18 rear tire that was purchased for this bike. I can't seem to get the bead to seat on the inner "shoulder" of the rim. The front tire went on with almost no...
  2. Mike450

    Honda CB450 Cafe Racer

    New project time! This was the bike that started my vintage Honda obsession and after nearly ten years of getting pushed aside it’s finally time to finish this Honda CB450 cafe racer project. I bought this non-running, mostly complete 1972 Honda CB450 K5 back in 2010 to give myself something...
  3. Mike450

    1971 Honda CB450 K4 - Return to Stock

    I've decided it's time to return my 1971 Honda CB450 K4 back its original stock form. Above is a picture from this morning. Not heavily customized by any stretch but certainly not stock. Below is a detailed list of the modifications. None of them permanent, and all of them easily reversible...
  4. Mike450

    1968 Honda CB160 "Baby Hawk"

    Hey guys, I started this project log over on HT but to be honest it’s been a little too quiet over there lately so I figured I move it over here. This is my 1968 Honda CB160. I bought it around 5 years ago is pretty decent shape, just needed a tune up and a few random parts, but all in all a...
  5. Mike450

    WTB fork (headlight) ears for 1971 CB450

    I'm looking for a decent pair of fork ears for a 1971 CB450 to replace the set the previous owner bent when he tipped the bike over. The color is Polynesian Blue Metallic. If anyone has a pair they'd be willing to sell please let me know.
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