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    1972 cb175 for sale

    1972 cb175 -New tires -Rebuilt Carbs -Low miles -Located in Long Island, NY $1600 Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
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    Starting point?

    Getting a manual is deffinitely your first step and mess around with whatever needs fixing, just go slow and don't take on too much at one time
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    Bearing removal and help identifying rims

    I use a blind hole/pilot bearing puller from harbor freight works great and has paid for itself already
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    wtb swingarm bushing for 75 cb750

    anyone have a set or a good source for them
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    75 cb360 parting out!

    Price on tank pm me
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    R1, and soda blasted 750

    sweet have always wanted to make a fighter just never really got around to it...too many projects you know
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    R1, and soda blasted 750

    love the headlight on the r1 which one is that
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    Why slow nights at work get me in trouble...

    love that car have plans of building one of them one day
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    question about wiring...

    Re: question about witing... i would suggest maybe repairing what you have since youre on a budget i like Bozz's suggestion about pulling apart a scrap harness from something else to have supplies to either make a new one or repair the one you have, i actually just repaired a harness today on a...
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    Bad luck with DCC.

    i think we all suffer from a little impatience but when its all said and done it's all worth it, think about all the time and effort you already put in, a little bit of patience will truely be your reward in the end
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    '77 Kawasaki KZ400-S3 build.

    Re: '77 Kawasaki "Betty" KZ400 Project yea well hopefully i can get it done sometime soon
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    New Member from Long island (cb350)

    where on li are you from theres a ton of car meets weekly in suffolk old cars bike what ever
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    75 cb750 parts for sale

    would liek the motor where are you located
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    Le Mans '75 CB550

    ^^seriously nice work
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    charging system help, problem ive been working on with progress but no cigar

    im not expert on this so someone can correct me if im wrong but ac current isnt what you wanna look for the dc current which should actually charge your system is what you want to find which should come after the recitifier as the rectifier changes ac to dc current perhaps your problem lies in...
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    Osama Bin Laden has left the building

    lets go AMERICA! all should feel that freedom and get out and ride tomorrow !
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    06 wrx

    very nice..clean i have an 05 sti..subaru's rule
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    scorpion nfs jacket size LG

    scorpion NFS jacket size LG like new sold my other bike that this matched so I dont need it anymore (i need money to finish my project 8) ) asking $100 + shipping thanks :)
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    cb750k carb bodies

    for sale are carb bodies from a cb750, no float bowls!, only 3 are in usable condition 10$ a piece or 30$ for whole set + shipping
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