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  1. GoCrazy

    Xj900 Yamaha

    Drop this ugly tank. Wysłane z mojego ALE-L21 przy użyciu Tapatalka
  2. GoCrazy

    78 XS1100 Cafe Project

    I know a guy who is over 2 m tall and he looks like a pizza boy on a scooter even o gs750 :D visually balanced, it may make a good cafe :) Wysłane z mojego ALE-L21 przy użyciu Tapatalka
  3. GoCrazy

    Suzuki GSX400 Four Cafe racer with USD fork and monoshock

    Exhaust job looks great, but IMHO the muffler is a bit too bulky compared to the bike.
  4. GoCrazy

    Cant get the cylinder off the engine

    Your method seems very brutal :) What did you use as a leverage point for the pry bar? Did you breake off any fins? I usually spray WD40 into cylinder studs or some gasket remover, use pieces of wood as a wedge. sometimes there are special points where you can pry the cylinder with a large...
  5. GoCrazy

    Cafe XV920R Mega-Build

    Nice skills, I am going to visit here more often :)
  6. GoCrazy

    GS500 Brat - Bike build 2.

    Nice fab work, I always admire people with skills, even though the base bike you have chosen is totally not my style. I'll be visiting this topic more to see some more of your kickass fab work 8)
  7. GoCrazy

    Suzuki GSX400 Four Cafe racer with USD fork and monoshock

    Helicoil is not a nad stuff. A freind od mine works on military and they use it if a bolt is located in harsh environment. Wysłane z tostera
  8. GoCrazy

    Suzuki GSX400 Four Cafe racer with USD fork and monoshock

    Trippe trees clamp looks great :) You might have some issues with those cheap pods. A friend of mine who builds bikes for a living told me to use some interfacing folded in half to smooth out the air flow. Of course, you might be one of those 1 in 20 people who put the pods on and the bike...
  9. GoCrazy

    Worn valve springs ?

    Hey all, I am rebuilding a cylinder head in XJ600/ FJ600 and I just measured valve springs free height. To my surprise in case of all outer springs it was 3-4 mm over the specified height and for the inner ones it was 3-4 mm below the specified height. The manual doesn't say what is min - max...
  10. GoCrazy

    1972 CB450 carb issue - stripped needle lock screw

    For future reference, If you have a steel bolt/screw stuck in aluminum part - use nitricic acid, it eats steel and leaves alu intact. Tried it with broken exhaust studs :)
  11. GoCrazy

    Soda blasting combustion chambers with valves in?

    If you have a soda blaster and a bag of soda then it's a good way to clean your cylinder head. If you have to pay somebody to do that - you're get similar results with gasket remover or EGR cleaner at 1/3 cost.
  12. GoCrazy

    Mikuni Parts

    What shipping cost is crazy to you? I live in Europe and shipping from US is usually 50 - 80 USD.
  13. GoCrazy

    Newbie's '84 V65 Sabre

    With theese prolonged fork tubes the front wheel looks small. Spoked 18 inch would look badass :) the front hub conversion is avaliable at cognitomoto website, but I bet your dad's skills are up to the task. Wysłane z tostera
  14. GoCrazy

    Newbie's '84 V65 Sabre

    Totally forgot about the engine weight :) Wysłane z tostera
  15. GoCrazy

    Newbie's '84 V65 Sabre

    Looking good :) I wouldn't extend the forks this much but that is just my opinion. The amount of "custom" you and your dad did is amazing :) Wysłane z tostera
  16. GoCrazy

    KZ650 project build

    KZ650 is a great base bike. I wanted to build a cafe based on IT, but ended up using XJ600. Waiting for more progress. Wysłane z tostera
  17. GoCrazy

    HONDA CM400 '81 -> 450 cafe racer (DUTCH)

    Re: HONDA CM400 '81 -> 450 cafe racer (DUTCH) Kick ass bike :) All you need now is a nice set of spoked wheels. Is your mohave tank a replica? Wysłane z tostera
  18. GoCrazy

    Newbie's '84 V65 Sabre

    I may be wrong, but Duplicolor and VHT are two brands of the same manufacturer. Nice oven :) I used a big carton box coated with aluminum foil insulation sheets for the heat box and two heatguns as for the source of "power". Wysłane z tostera
  19. GoCrazy

    Newbie's '84 V65 Sabre

    As for engine paint, VHT seems to do the job. One of my friends uses a spray gun paint that is also heat resistant, it's made by Sikkens but i don't know if this brand is avaliable in USA. Wysłane z tostera
  20. GoCrazy

    Newbie's '84 V65 Sabre

    This is the coolest build do far Wysłane z tostera
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