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  1. peez

    Seat length for 2up riding?

    Looking down the road on when I get to make/fab up a seat for my bike. Looking to do a flat brat style seat. 95% of the time i will be riding solo so I was going to keep it short. But for the other 5%, I would be riding with me lady. We are both slender in shape (combined weight of like 260 lol)...
  2. peez

    92 Nighthawk - First Time Bike Builder, Long Time Cyclist

    Was posting in my member intro thread, but I guess I should move over here! I'll get caught up with the first post. Big time cyclist (road and mountain bike) and always thought it would be cool to throttle on some of these roads I live on, instead of pedal. I sold one of my bicycles I didn't...
  3. peez

    First Motorcycle - From Charlotte

    Howdy; apparently I made a username years ago, before I ever owned a bike! I've been big into cycling (road and mountain) and always thought how much more fun riding would be with a throttle. I sold one of my pedal bikes and decided to go all in on a motorcycle. I bought this 92 CB750 Nighthawk...
  4. peez

    Lowering Fork in 1992 CB750 Nighthawk

    First post here, Just got my first bike and after some youtubing, I thought this was going to be an easy job. Then I see this breakdown that already shows a spacer... Stole this image from here: Can I still add...
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