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    Yamaha XS360 Charging Woes

    Hi All, Hoping somebody out there has some insight into what may be the cause of my charging issues on my '77 XS360. Here's the scenario: - Engine has been rebuilt (runs great). - All electrical items (horn, headlight, indicators, brake light, switches etc) work. - Battery is fully charged. -...
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    Replacement Carb Diaphragms

    Hi All, Just thought I would share a good source for well priced replacement rubber carb diaphragms. After discovering a pinhole in my original items ('77 Yamaha XS360, Mikuni BS34's) and discovering the price of OEM replacements, I came across this guy: They were...
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    Attention electrical & lighting guru's! HELP!

    Hi Guys, I have recently fitted a new gauge bracket & LED idiot lights to a XS360 that I am building and have run into an issue: The neutral indicator LED keeps burning out. It is wired in the same way that the original globe indicator was and the switch is in good order and operating...
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    Anybody have an XS360 they can run a tape measure over?!

    Hey guys, Does anybody have a Yamaha XS360/400 out there that they can measure the axle to axle distance for me? I have one with a tweaked frame that is being straightened and I need that measurement to establish the correct steering rake... Cheers
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    Yamaha XS360/400 Dimensions?

    Hey guys, Just wondering if anybody out there has the frame dimensions ie. wheelbase, rake & trail for either of these models? I have a bent frame that needs straightening and need a reference point! Cheers!
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    Another one from Oz...

    Hey guys, I have been lurking on the board here for about 3 months now and my status keeps telling me i'm in the closet, so to right this wrong, I thought I had better post something! As the subject line suggests, I live in Australia and am a bit of a bike (and car) fanatic. I love getting...
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