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  1. KRedman

    Ton up SR250: 100mph, 100kg, 30hp

    Had an 81 SR250 ‘Exciter’ and got it up a bit over 80 with one of those Viper fairings. I guarantee that I had it running better than it ever had. It would start right up every time even in the cold of winter. Should have kept that little thing. Hope you hit 100!
  2. KRedman

    Simplified Wiring Digrams

    I’m starting to creating an online collection of interactive vector versions of the shop wiring diagrams. Here’s one for the 76 CB550F. The drawing is finished, however, I still want to make it interactive and add mobile gestures to it.
  3. KRedman

    1976 CB550F Super Sport restoration

    Can’t believe I haven’t updated this forever. A couple of kids and traveling will do that! Anyway, it’s pretty much finished, but I do have a short list that I’d like to do this winter. 1. Get new wheels, spokes, and tires 2. Jet-coat the headers 3. Update all or most of the lighting to LED...
  4. KRedman

    ** PICS OF MEMBERS RIDES ** - Official Before & After Thread

    Thou shall not partake of decaf
  5. KRedman

    1976 CB550F Super Sport restoration

    I rebuilt the master cylinder and caliper, and got the front brakes installed and functioning nicely. The wiring harness is in, and the rear lights and electrical panel are hooked up. I went ahead and tore down the panel, cleaned it up a bit, repainted it and it looks a lot better. I was able to...
  6. KRedman

    1976 CB550F Super Sport restoration

    I bought a parts bike for $80 last summer, and once I got all the dirt and bugs off the tank and side covers, they turned out to look in really great shape. The tank is spotless inside- clean metal, and not a bit of rust. The only thing is that it had this horrible pin striping and custom...
  7. KRedman

    76 CB550 front fender bolt size?

    They are 6x20 1.00
  8. KRedman

    1976 CB550F Super Sport restoration

    Got the rear brakes, kickstand and wheel on this morning. Almost forgot the little spring for the switch: Figured I'd coast down the driveway :)
  9. KRedman

    1976 CB550F Super Sport restoration

    Got a couple of hours in today while baby napped :) Carbs are on: Airbox is in: Battery box is in: Rolling right along.
  10. KRedman

    1976 CB550F Super Sport restoration

    I'm getting ready to put the rear wheel and brakes on and am continuing to clean and repaint as I go. Here are the pegs:
  11. KRedman

    1976 CB550F Super Sport restoration

    Due to having a baby, I have been chipping away at this slowly. I had a local guy powder coat the frame with a satin black: and had Harisuluv clean and rebuild the carbs. They look awesome! I rebuilt the top end- new gaskets all around. It was leaking like a sieve- the head gasket...
  12. KRedman

    CB550F Stock Parts for Sale

    Re: CB550F front end parts I'd be interested in the reflectors and wouldn't mind a closer picture of the headlight brackets and front turn signals.
  13. KRedman

    Joe Rocket Meteor Boots Mens 10 $60 +shipping

    Re: Joe Rocket Meteor Boots Mens 10 $60 +shipping I'll take the boots if you still have them!
  14. KRedman

    77' CB550f SuperSport ...... the beginning

    You can sell those original headers for quite a bit if they're in decent shape.
  15. KRedman

    how to prevent bare metal tanks from rusting????

    I wiped down a bare-metal tank with Boeshield about once a month for over a year, and not a hint of rust to be found. It doesn't get all over you like wd40 would.
  16. KRedman

    1976 CB550F Super Sport restoration

    Love the orange! I haven't nailed down how I'm going to paint it, but that will be one of the last things I do. My forks are straight as an arrow- thanks for the heads up. Not a whole lot happening so far, but I have the frame at the powder coater and the carbs are getting worked on right now...
  17. KRedman

    1976 CB550F Super Sport restoration

    Last night I disassembled the forks. Old fork oil is freakin skunk-ass stuff. I'll probably keep the current springs for now, as they'll be easy to replace with some progressives later on. New seals are on the way, and I've begun to work on cleaning up the forks themselves. The fork tubes...
  18. KRedman

    1976 CB550F Super Sport restoration

    I bought this 76 CB550F a couple of weeks ago for $500. It's complete, runs, but definitely needs some TLC. It has just under 17,000 miles, has good compression, and brand new tires. The tank has been lined, has some bondo and a cheap rattle can job. My goal is to totally tear it down...
  19. KRedman

    Carb Soak?

    I just took the float bowl and top part off of mine and cleaned all of them with a tooth brush, Seafoam, and Simple Green. Looks 500x better.
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