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    CL350 & indy CB360t

    Phenomenal pictures! Very cool art for the wall. Garrett
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    F-S Parts 72 CB350 twin

    PM sent. Garrett
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    Problems with mac performance fitment on CB350

    Caferacer86, thanks, that makes sense. I need a set of gaskets and will check to see if I can either, adjust the studs to show more thread or buy new studs with more thread. Pics eh? Hmmmm, need to take some. My problem may be solved if I can figure out the stud issue to be able to tighten the...
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    Problems with mac performance fitment on CB350

    Hi Folks I bought a set of 2-2 Mac Performance pipes from DimeCity and just tried to install them. The pipes don't come with exhaust gaskets so I've ordered a set...I assume they are required? My other bikes have them. Now I also assumed, that these pipes would be a bolt on app, however I am...
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    CB350/360 starter block off plug, speedo spacers, tach plugs

    Re: CB350/360 starter block off plug A "plug" for the plug guy... ;D Bought mine a while back, it arrived in no time, I polished it and installed it and it's awesome! You know you want to, just buy the damn thing. Nice work Crazy, hope your arm heals soon and everything else falls into place...
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    Hawk Concepts WIP

    Will it fit the CB350? Garrett
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    Parting out: 1971 CB350

    Fenders front and rear? Front looks good, how about the rear and how much? PM me if you like. Garrett
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    CB350...what is it going to be? Tracker...ish?

    I will post some pics but right now there's little to show. My engine side covers have been polished and look pretty good. I'm re-installing them and need to re-solder a few wires that look weak first. I'm trying to get it together right the first time rather than have troubles later....although...
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    CB350...what is it going to be? Tracker...ish?

    I bought a 71 CB350 from a friend. The bike was kinda restored with a painted frame, tank, bucket. It needed some TLC and my buddy ran out of interest so I took it off his hands. I decided not to cafe the bike and chose to build what I thought the CB350 MIGHT look like if it were built today...
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    aftermarket levers

    Hey I've been thinking about similar stuff here's what I've found. I don't have a front disc but will include both setups for you. Nice stuff here: Some cool stuff here but you'll need to poke...
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    WTB '71 CB350 OEM seat and seat pan.

    PM'd you...twice. It was late, I had one too many drinks :-[ and didn't think the first one went through because of the slow connection that I had. Then I PM'd you in the morning (did I mention I had one too many drinks the night before?). It's a good lesson, you shouldn't drink and message...
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    WTB '71 CB350 OEM seat and seat pan.

    As the Subject says, looking for an OEM seat pan in good shape. Lemme know whatcha got. I'm in Calgary. Garrett
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    Parting out: 1971 CB350

    PM for seat sent Garrett from Calgary
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