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  1. StryfeS13

    GN400 Carburetor..Desperately Need Help!

    The model of the carburetor is a BS36SS CV Carb. Hi guys, I'm building a GN400 and I'm desperately trying to figure out the jetting/problems I'm having with my carburetor. I tried running a VM36 but I could never get it to not be rich (went all the way down to a 15 pilot and still smokes...
  2. StryfeS13

    Mikuni VM36 w/ brand new throttle assembly, jets, uni filter

    Selling my VM36. I've been trying to get it to work on my GN400 but I just can't get the jetting right. At the moment it has a 15 pilot and a 220 main in it, a 2.0 slide, and a 6F15 needle / P6 needle jet. I just recently cleaned it thoroughly, and it comes with some extra jets too - a 17.5...
  3. StryfeS13

    VM36 on GN400, need some help

    Alright so I'm running a VM36 on my GN400 and the damn is running super super rich. Like black smoke coming out of the tailpipe, smelling terrible, super hard to start, etc. When I took out the jets it had a 50 pilot and a 360 main - which is ridiculous. I dialed it down to a 27.5 pilot and...
  4. StryfeS13

    VM36 Throttle Cable?

    Is there supposed to be a plastic shim or something to hold the throttle cable in place on the VM36? My cable keeps on slipping out of the slide.
  5. StryfeS13

    Looking for 35MM Clip Ons..

    Looking for some universal adjustable 35MM clip ons. Let me know if you have some!
  6. StryfeS13

    81' GN400 Build Cafe/Brat

    Hello, I'm new to this forum and figured I would start a build thread. I work at a motorcycle salvage yard in Fresno, CA and I stumbled across this GN400 in the lot one day. The reason it struck me was simply because of the big single and kick start, I had to have it! So I brought the bike home...
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