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  1. avgday10

    1974 Honda CL125S1 Cafe Racer (Trumbull, CT) $800

    Here we go again- my buyer backed out so up for sale is my 1974 Honda CL125S1 café racer. The bike is in amazing shape considering that it's turning 40 next year. It was rusty and crusty when I found it but it cleaned up nicely! The CL125 has a 5-speed transmission and is a unique, economical...
  2. avgday10

    1974 Honda CL125 "Minion Cycle"

    I just finished my latest project- a little '74 CL125. A guy in town offered it to me since it was rusting away behind his garage. It was dirty and had tons of surface rust from being left outside but only had 278 original miles on the clock- I couldn't resist! I picked it up for $100 and...
  3. avgday10

    1971 Honda CL175 Cafe, Trumbull, CT

    Up for sale is my CL175 in classic cafe garb. It's listed on Craigslist and Ebay. Great little fun bike but I've got too many other vagrant bikes that need my attention. Buy it now and ride it to Rice-O-Rama! Let me know if you have any questions. -Scott...
  4. avgday10

    1976 CB750F cafe

    Here are some pics of my 750F I just finished painting. She ain't no beauty queen up close but she's a good rider. Details: -Norman Hyde M-bars -Tank done with Norton script -Tail light is stock Stanley from a CB750, drilled out in the center of the lens and plasti-welded beehive trailer light...
  5. avgday10

    '74 CL125 S1 Parts

    I've got take off parts from the CL125 project I'm working on. Willing to let them go for $20 shipped to anybody who wants them. -Scott
  6. avgday10

    '75 or '76 CB750F rear brake caliper

    Looking for a rear brake caliper for my '76 CB750F if anyone has one to spare. Thanks. -Scott
  7. avgday10

    1978 CB 750 K- Running/drivable

    Selling my '78 CB 750 K that I bought for a cafe project. In the midst of getting it running, I have acquired another project so I'm looking to sell this one. Including an aftermarket 4 into 1 exhaust as well. Let me know if you have any...
  8. avgday10

    Rocker's Thanksgiving Blessing

    Today I give thanks for for the Norton Manx, for the smell of grease in the air. For the turn of the wrench and the cluttered work bench and the visions of wind in my hair. Today i give thanks for the Rockers ranks preserving our motorcycle past. I give thanks for the bikes and riders alike...
  9. avgday10

    CB360 in Hudson Valley, NY for $50

    A CB360 for $50?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? [url]]
  10. avgday10

    '72 CB750 front forks

    Does anyone know the stock length of the front forks of a '71-'72 CB750? My winter project started as an awful partial chopper someone had attempted and came with front forks that are too long. I can't find info in the shop manual or that tells me the actual length (from the...
  11. avgday10

    '71 CL175 clutch issue

    Hey guys- The clutch lever on my CL175 is extremely hard to pull due to the spring tension in the mechanism that engages the clutch (not sure of the proper name of it; the part that the cable attaches to). I have checked the cable to make sure that it is not binding and it isn't. I have...
  12. avgday10

    72 CB750 Winter Build

    Picked up a CB750 over the weekend for $250 and have begun the stripping down process. I should have taken a picture of it in its full ugliness (with the tank on and the horrible aftermarket chopper bars) but I was in a hurry to get started. I have a dowel through the headset just so I can...
  13. avgday10

    1977 CB400F Please Buy!

    I have been watching the price plummet on this 400F for a month. Originally listed for $800 and is now $350! You'll never find a running CB400F for that! The exhaust is worth $350. If I only had the money, done deal! Dude is moving and needs to sell by Thursday...
  14. avgday10

    Newbie in CT

    Hey Guys- Got a full blown case of cafe fever! Bought a 1971 CL175 from Squadracorse who posted most of the build on this forum. The last 6 weeks have been a crash course in Honda-ology! I have done tons of electrical problem solving and have changed some things cosmetically. I plan to build...
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