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  1. benroloff

    6v vs 12v condenser

    Does anybody know if there is a difference between a 6v condenser and a 12v condenser? I just 12v swapped my cl100 and it just occurred to me that I didn’t do any research regarding the condenser, and I obviously don’t want to damage the 6v condenser or something else if it isn’t compatible with...
  2. benroloff

    Ignition coil help

    So I have been thinking lately about converting my cl100 from 6v to 12v, and have come to the conclusion that’s it’s probably a good idea. While I’m sure that I would be able to find 6v bulbs bright enough it’s a lot cheaper and easier to find 12v stuff. When I do the swap I plan to replace my...
  3. benroloff

    1971 cl100

    Some of you may have seen my posts in the engine section of the forum asking for help but I thought it might be kind of fun to make a build thread too. I don’t know how much I’ll actually update it, and I’m sure most won’t really care as this won’t be a special or high cost build, but it might...
  4. benroloff

    Cl100 tuning problems?

    So I’m new here and there seems to be a lot of vintage Honda 100cc fans out there with a lot of knowledge so I was hoping you all could help. To make a long story short, yesterday I bought a cl100 for very cheap from a friends who didn’t know how to work on it. It had no spark so I just cleaned...
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