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    Parting out Honda CB360T

    If anyone needs some parts, few free to reach out! I’m open to offers on whatever you may want, and I’ll try and use the least expensive shipping available. Pick-up is also an option if you are in the MN area. For sale are the following: 1. 1975 CB360T frame which I have a bill of sale for...
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    Creative Inspirations

    Hello fellow builders and moto enthusiasts! I'd like to start a thread - if there are no objections - of unique bikes and features on bikes. I noticed there was an inspirational thread started but I'd like a thread that is a bit more bike/build/feature centric vs. beautiful people on bikes. I'd...
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    1975 Honda CB360T

    Hi, I've just purchased my first motorcycle in the hopes of converting it into a Cafe Racer, something I've wanted since I was a kid. I plan on changing the frame loop, seat, handlebars, speedo, head light, shocks, pipes, as well as fix the front brake and tank. I'd then get the bike...
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