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  1. peteGSX

    Rearset and drum brake leverage - confirmation my theory will work!

    Hey all, I'm currently preparing to adapt some ZX12 rearsets to my 82 GS450 and I'm trying to ensure I still get sufficient leverage to operate the drum brake properly. My plan at the moment is to retain the stock splined drum brake actuator that the stock brake lever operates, and to add a...
  2. peteGSX

    1982 GS450E Scrambler-ish to Cafe-ish

    Hey all, first up be prepared for a slooow thread here! Wasn't sure if this should be in the scrambler or cafe forum... but seeing as I'm sort of moving from scrambler inspired more to a cafe style I figured this will do. Quick back story... bought my 1982 Suzuki GS450E way back in 1998 when I...
  3. peteGSX

    Any other Aussies still around?

    Just logged back in for ages the other day and I see the most recent post in here is October 2017. Any other Aussies still on here? I'm in sunny (smoky?) Brissie myself.
  4. peteGSX

    Back from the land Down Unda

    I got an email the other day saying the DTT forum is all back and upgraded... logged in for the first time in quite a while and sure enough yeah it's all new! Anyways, I'm back from sunny Brisbane in Australia, still riding my 82 Suzuki GS450E to work every day (when I can resist riding my...
  5. peteGSX

    Brisbane DTT'ers - know whose these bikes belong to?

    Was down at the Laverda Concours yesterday and spotted some GS' and GSX' in show and bike parking... nice to see 'em and would love to catch up with the owners one day...
  6. peteGSX

    Club Laverda Queensland (Australia) Concours - Lots of pic's!!!

    Hey all, Club Laverda Qld hosts a Concours event every year (I'm not a member though) and I haven't been since about 2000 when my 450 was still on the road in stock standard form. Anyway, I joined some fellas from the GS Resources and Katana Australia forums yesterday and we headed down to...
  7. peteGSX

    Club Laverda Qld Concours August 12th 2012

    Event postponed! New date 12th August... Anyone planning on heading to this? Long St Cleveland August 12th, Cleveland showgrounds. I'm heading down and plan to meet up with some guys from the Katana Australian and GS Resources forums.
  8. peteGSX

    1949 Ducati Cucciolo T2 - Stalled for the time being...

    Well the time has come to start on the little Duc Puppy engine my dad gave me last year. It appears to be a T2 from around 1949 according to the knowledgeable folk over on the Ducati pushrod twins mailing list. Anyway, this is what I was given: Overhead valves are a little different to...
  9. peteGSX

    82 GS450E Scrambler from Aus - Done!

    Hey all, just joined and figured I'd stick something in here. This has been ongoing for a number of years, but the last couple of years I've really got stuck in, hoping for completion by the end of this year. Started like this: Currently like this: Still a long way to go for...
  10. peteGSX

    New Member from Down Under

    Hi all, just joined this morning finally, have browsed the odd thread here and there before but that's about it. I'm a member over on the GS Resources (pete is the handle there) and have been there for years but never managed to get on here until now. Anyway, I have an '82 Suzuki GS450E that...
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