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  1. 5ivemoto


    Been a long time. Been poking around the forum got me in the mood to post. Still been building its slowed down some the Grandcanyon group has scattered out across Texas so it's hard to get the garage motivation going. Anywho here's the evolution of my CB750 build.
  2. 5ivemoto


    Welp we have decided on next years trip... Motos In Moab seems like an awesome time, we are beyond exited how many of y'all sunsabitches are going too???? Same group of guys who did the canyon trip are going and hopefully a couple more, this time were taking bikes that are a little more...
  3. 5ivemoto

    5ivemoto busy work build

    Gonna kill some time while we research the next summers trip with a garage sale bike we snagged for 70$. Gonna do something weird with it I think. Wasn't sure where to put it so I guess it's in the right place.... I think it's a 82, but it's a ct110. the plan right now at least is something...
  4. 5ivemoto

    5ivemoto barn to Grand Canyon build thread

    First post on the site but we have been using it for reference material and bathroom reading for a very long while. Two buddies and myself have set out to take three non running untitled metric motorcycles and build custom cafe/brat and all around cool bikes. The plan is to get them running...
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