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  1. NoahAbs

    Yamaha R5/RD350 Bastard...finally building again

    Hi all, You probably don't remember me, but I had the very beginnings of an RD250 build going on last year. Then I sort of screwed up the frame, life got in the way, my job shipped me halfway across the country, etc. etc. etc. I am back now, and the bug bit me again, so I sold my '05 SV1000...
  2. NoahAbs

    Belated Intro: Noah Know-Nothing in New York

    Hey guys, Never did this initially, my name is Noah, I'm a cop in NYC (let the booing/legal questions begin) and I've been riding off and on for about 5 years. Was lurking for about 6 months before I went and bought an RD250 and then shortly after a WAY better sorted CB750F. This community...
  3. NoahAbs

    New project, a bit less ambitious- 1975 CB750F Blue Angel

    Hey guys, So after a massive FAIL with my RD250 project, where I got a bit too ambitious with the angle grinder and ended up with a bike with no shock mounts (please don't ask, I am truly stupid, the bike cost 100 bucks, chalk it up to a learning experience) I got a new project. Kinda boring...
  4. NoahAbs

    Clip-Ons from

    Hey all, Anyone have any experience with clip on bars from Looks like they only sell 34 or 35 mm clipons, but for only $59! Plus the site is low rent enough and the guy who runs it has quite the resume (check the "about us" section.) Anyone ever...
  5. NoahAbs

    Hopeless newb in NYC

    Hi all, Been lurking for a while, now I guess I'm out of the "closet." (I respectfully motion for a new term to be created for recently outed lurkers!) I'm a New York City resident, been riding for a while, but too much in the New Yorker way; pay someone to do things for you when you can. I...
  6. NoahAbs

    1975 RD250 Trial By Fire

    Hey guys, Been lurking for a while, gathering inspiration from all the awesome wrenchers on this site and looking for a bike to pick up. Finally got it, a '75 RD250 in pretty rough shape. Unlike a lot of you guys, I don't come from an engineering or very mechanical background at all. I've...
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