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    Problems with mac performance fitment on CB350

    Hi Folks I bought a set of 2-2 Mac Performance pipes from DimeCity and just tried to install them. The pipes don't come with exhaust gaskets so I've ordered a set...I assume they are required? My other bikes have them. Now I also assumed, that these pipes would be a bolt on app, however I am...
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    CB350...what is it going to be? Tracker...ish?

    I bought a 71 CB350 from a friend. The bike was kinda restored with a painted frame, tank, bucket. It needed some TLC and my buddy ran out of interest so I took it off his hands. I decided not to cafe the bike and chose to build what I thought the CB350 MIGHT look like if it were built today...
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    WTB '71 CB350 OEM seat and seat pan.

    As the Subject says, looking for an OEM seat pan in good shape. Lemme know whatcha got. I'm in Calgary. Garrett
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