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  1. Bozz

    Parts shop closing in Ohio 200 bikes and thousands of parts must go.

    Hey gang, A huge indoor parts house/dismantler is closing shop after more than 25 years. I am in no way affiliated with this shop, but I used to buy parts pretty frequently when I lived in Columbus years ago. 200 bikes. Thousands of square feet of parts. Closing in March, so he's motivated to...
  2. Bozz

    Plastic fender to look chrome?

    Hola brain trust. I have a plastic Ducati Monster front fender I am using on a build that I would really like to appear "chrome". I have talked to plating outfits who declined. I have talked to Hydro-dipping outfits who declined. I have tried vinyl myself and had a prop vinyl guy try. No...
  3. Bozz

    Wrapping a Ducati front fender, tips?

    Hello, DTT! I am upgrading the front end of my Z1 to an USD set up and have acquired a really nice ducati monster front fender for it. I got the duc part because the shape of the fender is very close to the stock unit, and it's really light. I am soon to try wrapping it in chrome vinyl to...
  4. Bozz

    Looking for a 2.5" inlet muffler/megaphone

    The can on my Kerker is rusting away. Again. The chrome header has been going strong for 17 years, but this is the second megaphone to deteriorate. Got anything in your pile of old junk with a 2 1/2 inch inlet? Cheers!
  5. Bozz

    Need a measurement - Z1/KZ900/KZ1000

    Hey gang. I'm in need of a measurement. I need to know the distance between the races in the headstock of a Kawasaki Z1/KZ900/KZ1000 (I'm almost positive they are the same 73-78, and likely the same through 82, but I'm less sure on that) I'm doing a front end swap again, but I lost my...
  6. Bozz

    Looking for a GL1000 front end, forks & triples

    Upgrading a cx500 to dual disc. I already have a wheel. In NC, USA
  7. Bozz

    Master List of Master Cylinder Bore Sizes?

    Does such a chart exist? I understand the concept of sizing the MC to the calipers, and that's not necessarily what I'm looking for an answer to. My thought is this: I have bike X with a (Y) sized Master Cylinder. What other models have the same size MC bore? Or, I just upgraded my calipers...
  8. Bozz

    Need a GL1000 front wheel

    Got a GL1000 in decent shape for my nephew, but the front rim has a ding that bugs me. Anybody got a front wheel that's stock and decent? I have a good hub if you're planning to lace up a new rim. PM me or reply to this as I check here fairly regularly...
  9. Bozz

    Local discussions on here rather than Facebook?

    Just a topic of discussion, here folks. We have a great group of folks, and I am especially appreciative of everyone I've met through this site. I have yet to meet a "bad egg" and I hope I never do! We are also lucky enough to have a Facebook group that frequently has content that this site...
  10. Bozz

    CB350F in Raleigh CL

    I'm gonna call the guy (perhaps he is on this board?) There's a very real chance that I wont be able to manage the spousal negotiation for a 5th bike, so I thought I'd throw it out here. I had a buddy with one of these years ago and it was an awesome little scoot. As long as it goes to...
  11. Bozz

    Hi gang, new to the forum so I thought I'd say hello...

    Just posted an intro in what I hope is the appropriate place, thought I'd ping the regional group as well. I fairly far west of Raleigh, but I work in Chapel Hill. Current stable contains: 77 KZ900 A5 that is a long way from stock 80 GL500 Silverwing (might be an 81, but who cares its a boring...
  12. Bozz

    New member in Central NC

    Howdy everybody! I'm a long time enthusiast and mod-er, but new to DTT. Currently the stable is: 77 KZ900A5 that is a long way from stock 80 GL500 Silverwing project (boring project to hopefully fund the more fun projects) 78 GL400 (japanese market) that will be getting the cafe treatment 60...
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