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  1. Tim

    E bike reveal in Cleveland 3-20 by Cleveland Cycle Werks

    How much do their bikes go for?
  2. Tim

    Anyone familiar with the Phoenix/Flagstaff AZ area?

    Been a LOOOOONG time since I've been there. Summer of 1992 was spent on the Navajo Nation, and I got down to Phoenix for an outdoor Blues Traveler / Allman Brothers concert. Got a tattoo at the Flying Squid in Phoenix but I think they're long gone. Get out into the Painted Desert / Petrified...
  3. Tim


    DO THE TON BIKE OF THE MONTH Here are the Nomination Rules: 1. Nominate one of our members' bikes for Bike of the Month - include up to 3 flattering pictures of the bike in question. This is an opportunity to recognize someone who's bike has inspired you. Please don't nominate your own bike...
  4. Tim

    1978 GS1000 Restomod

    The member - mattfeet - who posted this thread hasn't been on the site since 2016 it appears. Maybe he'll get a notification of your post, but 4 years later it might be a stretch.
  5. Tim

    CB360 electrical issues

    A standard battery will be fine. The only thing that might be different to support a lithium battery is the regulator/rectifier, possibly being a solid-state unit. It should work just fine with a $20 battery from the local shop, or jumped to a 12v car battery. If you have room for a standard...
  6. Tim

    The Snowmobile (Or snowmachine for you northerners) Thread

    Made a Snow section under Projects. Hard to understand why in 13 years I never did that (I'm in Canada).
  7. Tim


    Congrats to 3DogNate, who thought he was "F'd" to quote him accurately :) ! Close vote between the ends of the BMW Airhead spectrum. A lovingly restored survivor and an incredible feat of engineering.
  8. Tim

    Megacycle cams contact

    If you end up needing someone in the US to play intermediary I’d be happy to. I live in Canada but also have a place in South Carolina. So I can ship it there and then reship from either the US or Canada depending on cost and your preference for import duties etc. But I expect they ship...
  9. Tim

    Kawasaki spoked wheels advice wanted.

    Keeping the rear drum will of course make the swap a lot simpler. XS650 wheels are plentiful and with 36 holes are easy to find rims for if needed. Avoid Honda CB hubs as I seem to recall the bearing selection is very slim and 40 spoke rims are less common. Rear hub sprocket offset is...
  10. Tim

    Wood Bike table

    This is what I do to 'cheat' when using a ramp with my truck. Common trick - back up to a curb. I unloaded the bike myself and could likely load it myself as well, but I'd usually ask for a hand. No way I could do it without a tall curb that a) greatly reduces the slope and b) adds 8" or so...
  11. Tim

    Wood Bike table

    The most important things with a ramp are: The platform you're going up to is stationary and cannot move (i.e. not on castors) The ramp is secured and can't come loose or move The height is reasonable - going up is harder than coming down Bring a friend :)
  12. Tim

    Wood Bike table

    I don't remember where these plans are, but they're out there. You can imagine how this works - roll the bike up the ramp, as the weight moves forward if it's engineered right, it should rise on its own or be easy to lift once the bike is secured in the wheel chock.
  13. Tim

    Wood Bike table

    If you're moving the bike on and off a table for general maintenance, I'd build one of the wood ones that actually changes height, or just save a bit more money and buy a used lift. I built a static table for my XS650 project and it will come off when it's done, and probably never go back up on...
  14. Tim


    Well he's not listed as a BOTM Winner, so it's fair game (he was also on the site just a few days ago - always nice to nominate active members).
  15. Tim


    So this is a sad state of affairs. Jan 31 and we only have 1 bike in the running? It's worthy of BOTM for sure, and if we don't have another nomination, then so be it. Might be time to wrap up the BOTM contest :P
  16. Tim

    cut & weld GSXR steering stem

    You mean you want to section it? Cut a piece out of the middle? I had a steering stem shortened. Left the top alone, cut an inch off the bottom and welded it into the lower tree (steel on steel - the steering stem is highly unlikely to be anything but hardened steel). The lower bearing...
  17. Tim

    Shoulda' bought it...

    I think you'd be better off starting with this frame - And build this:
  18. Tim

    1972 XS650 Heavy Metal Sled

    Definitely make your own stator cover - doesn’t need any clearance inside machined or anything if I recall. MikesXS sells both covers.
  19. Tim

    Another Newbie

    BTW - out of curiousity, how did you find us? Always interesting to hear how we show up around the world. After 13 years I have no idea how people stumble in our doors :)
  20. Tim

    Another Newbie

    Congrats on getting back into it and glad you found us!
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