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  1. patricke9

    77 KZ650 B1 Petcock alternative

    Pretty sure all KZ650's have the petcock with the 44mm bolt holes. If yours is different, they do make alternate adapter plates as well. Patrick
  2. patricke9

    77 KZ650 B1 Petcock alternative

    I have been using this one for a couple of years now with no problem: Patrick
  3. patricke9

    kz1000 kz650 gs750 Fuel Petcock 44mm on the centers - Easy to install - $46.95

    It fit great. I did have to enlarge the hole in the tank for the pick ups, other than that easy to install & works great.
  4. patricke9

    kz1000 kz650 gs750 Fuel Petcock 44mm on the centers - Easy to install - $46.95

    I ordered one of these a year or so ago for my KZ650 to replace the vacuum petcock & it has been working great!
  5. patricke9

    WTB: CB400f foot controls and kicker

    I have a set of complete pegs and shift lever & linkage off of a 1976 CB400f. They are in great shape, just a little rash on the end of one of the rubbers. No kick start lever tho. PM me if they will work for you & we can...
  6. patricke9

    Swap Meet Seattle July 28th 2012

    Hey Guy's haven't been around the forums as much, but started a new job working for a Scooter/Motorcycle shop here in Seattle & thought I'd let you know about our 1st Annual Swap Meet coming up at the end of the month. It would be a good way to get rid of any extra parts you might have & you...
  7. patricke9

    cb550 md title and vin tag 65 bucks obo

    How's $25.00 + shipping sound? Here is the part I want to replace, '77 ot '78 should work-Patrick
  8. patricke9

    cb550 md title and vin tag 65 bucks obo

    Do you have the rest of the frame & what year is it? got into an accident last week on my '78 Cb550 K & bent the loop attached to the frame that holds the exhaust & passenger peg- easiest way to fix it would be to just replace it-Thanks Patrick
  9. patricke9

    Neat-o motorcycle films that you may or may not know

    Just picked up a copy of the 2 disk edition of Stone-'70's Australian film with some cool bikes- the funeral procession of 400 bikes is amazing. And I am a big Roger Corman fan- The Wild Angels is one of my favorites, when anyone asks me what I want...
  10. patricke9

    Manual for '76 Suzuki gt500 needed

    Thanks, I'll check out those sites. I'll post some picture's soon as the bike is in my garage. This will be a clean & sell it- all origional, 2000 miles & has been sitting in a garage since 1981. It really is too nice to cut up as much as I'd love a 2 stroke cafe. Seeing some of the cool...
  11. patricke9

    Manual for '76 Suzuki gt500 needed

    Looked thru all the posts here w/no luck. Got a new project bike that should be here in the next few days & have no idea where to start on a 2 stroke-Thanks Patrick
  12. patricke9

    78 CB 550 K...........Stuff

    How about airbox to carb rubbers? really need 1 inner & 1 outer but would be interested in the whole set, shipped to Seattle U.S.A.-Thanks Patrick
  13. patricke9

    Just got a Honda MB5 frame, show me your completed mb5's!!!

    I have a set of forks & triple tree's I picked up on eBay a few years ago because I didn't know what I was bidding on- they are yours for the cost of shipping from Seattle if you want them
  14. patricke9

    What's your desktop wallpaper?

    Currently have this I found here on this site, would like to find more info on the bike: couple of previous wallpapers:
  15. patricke9

    this made me laugh quietly to myself...

    Kinda like this? ;D
  16. patricke9

    1978 honda cb 550 oil pan and plug... HELP!!

    sorry to hijack the thread but you don't by any chance have the airbox boots from the motor you stripped down? has to be a '77 or '78 K model-Thanks Patrick
  17. patricke9

    "77 or '78 Honda CB550K stock airbox intake boots

    Still looking- glued them up for a temporary fix & trying not to buy a whole airbox on eBay if I can Help it, so if anyone has any let me know- Thanks Patrick
  18. patricke9

    Holla from Portland, OR

    Welcome to the forum, let's see some pictures. I just picked up a '78 550K & hope to have it on the road this week. I have only heard good things about the 550. Here's mine: BTW- if you decide to go w/pod filters I am looking for airbox intake boots, 2...
  19. patricke9

    Show Off Your Seats!

    This is my old 400f, got the fiberglass seat off eBay, was made for the bike all I had to do was drill 4 holes & attached the stock hinge & latch. Found a guy on C/L who painted it not quite the same shade of red, but close enough. Had a friend of a friend who does hot rod upholstry cover it...
  20. patricke9

    Finally got a "big bike" '77 CB550k3

    It was just luck, my buddy who told me about it did alot of work to it for the p/o about 4 years ago while rebuilding the carbs on my 400f. He was working on a few bikes back then out of my garage & I did check it out back then it was in much better shape. Have been on the look out for another...
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