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  1. patricke9

    Swap Meet Seattle July 28th 2012

    Hey Guy's haven't been around the forums as much, but started a new job working for a Scooter/Motorcycle shop here in Seattle & thought I'd let you know about our 1st Annual Swap Meet coming up at the end of the month. It would be a good way to get rid of any extra parts you might have & you...
  2. patricke9

    Manual for '76 Suzuki gt500 needed

    Looked thru all the posts here w/no luck. Got a new project bike that should be here in the next few days & have no idea where to start on a 2 stroke-Thanks Patrick
  3. patricke9

    "77 or '78 Honda CB550K stock airbox intake boots

    Looking for intake boots that go between the airbox & the carbs for my '77 CB550k3, looks like '78 CB550k will also work. Anyone out there ditched your stock airbox for pods & have these left over. Really just need the outside 2 boots but could take all 4-Thanks Patrick
  4. patricke9

    Finally got a "big bike" '77 CB550k3

    Well bigger than the cb200 I've been riding for the last year or so anyway. It's a fun little bike but wanted to get it back to the friend that's been storing it in my garage so he has something to ride while he is rebuilding his 400f. Took a couple of months to finalize the deal, heard about...
  5. patricke9


    Don't know if anyone has posted this yet, tried to do a search but everything but what I was looking for came up. Watched this movie this weekend, found it on NetFlix, it was pretty good & has a great soundtrack & some really cool Triumph's, stock, cafe & hardtails. Here is the trailer...
  6. patricke9

    Great first bike?

    Home made motorcycle on C/L- last line is the best -Great first bike!
  7. patricke9

    DTT member spotted on C/L...

    Was cruising Craigslist & spotted this ad: One of these guys looks familiar :)
  8. patricke9

    so funny...

    Saw this on a another forum this morning & laughed the whole way thru & then spilled my coffee at the end. Kinda long but the payoff at the end is worth it!
  9. patricke9

    Anyone remember this? Gotta thank chadedge for jarring this nugget loose from my memory :)
  10. patricke9

    Isle of Vashon

    Today was the annul Isle of Vashon ride here in Seattle. Weather was great & the turn out was amazing, lots of cool stuff. It's put on by the local VME as a vintage rally. Of course there was alot of new bike & Harleys but had a great time here are a few shots I took. and the cb200 I was...
  11. patricke9

    Honda CB200 small project

    This is a 1975 CB200 I'm working on, belongs to a buddy, been storing it for almost a year in the corner of my shop. I've got a line on a CB750 that if the paperwork gets taken care of will be my next project. I've been moving this thing around for a while now & need something to ride so I...
  12. patricke9

    Cb200 electrical question

    Got a '75 CB200 I'm working on. A buddy has been storing it in my shop & I decided to get it up & running & ride it until I find another bike. It has a CB750 headlight. Does anyone know if this is a good idea? Light was cutting out on my tonight while working on the carbs, would only come...
  13. patricke9

    Found this on C/L

    This could be fun, wonder if it could be cafe'ed? death ride bomber trike - $500 (covinton) Reply to: Date: 2008-08-11, 12:57PM PDT 86 650 street bike converted to 3 wheeler awesome sand trike.was using trying...
  14. patricke9

    Honda CB200 Chain & sprocket info

    Hello, going to start on a '75 Cb200 this week, need to know what size sprockets & chain came stock, this one is missing it's chain. Also I've checked out the cool cb200 projects going on right now, what is the biggest size tires I can run? Not much info out there, managed to download the...
  15. patricke9

    Wow - just don't know what to say It even has an airbag! I would like to see the rest of that Ford GT 40 in the background - it probably looks like some sort of multi...
  16. patricke9

    Float bowl for '77 KZ400-D4 CV-32 carbs needed

    Hello, re-jetting my carbs last night & float bowl was cracked & I managed to break the corner off. I'm going to try & source locally here in Seattle Wa first, but anyone have an extra laying around, or can point me in the right direction? Thanks Patrick
  17. patricke9

    KZ400 shakedown weekend

    Finally have a chance to sit down & post some pics. Made it to the DOL & picked up a trip permit good for 3 days. Friday night, maiden voyage kz running great until I put gas in it & rolled downhill, gas pouring out front of the gas cap onto hot headers, Looks like p/o used a piece of foam as...
  18. patricke9

    Hit the Ton!

    Just noticed I hit the ton, kinda cool, but I am a fan of Brownsville Station: and can't forget the re-make: Hope to hit the ton on the KZ soon as well! Thanks all for the ideas & inspiration, this is by...
  19. patricke9

    V-8 Cafe bke

    Wow, :o saw this on the GS Resource forum, beats the hell out of the Boss Hoss. Probably doesn't handle very well, but who cares? It's a V-8 ! Forgot, here is the link to the company in Australia that builds them, in case you want to order a kit...
  20. patricke9

    Yes, our baseball team sucks

    Go Mariners!! I'm not a baseball fan but this is great, saw it on the news last night, and again this morning, I wish I was recording it, you should have seen the looks on the newscasters faces, they just stared at the camera for at least 10 seconds before they could say anything. If this is...
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