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  1. Snout

    Anyone know much about Lifan engines?

    I picked up a cool little XL100 with a lifan styled engine. I see 150FMG and a longer serial number stamped on the case bye the primary sprocket. It is a front clutch 4 speed with 1 down and 3 up. The wiring was all spun up around the primary sprocket and looks pretty tore up, and there is a big...
  2. Snout

    E bike reveal in Cleveland 3-20 by Cleveland Cycle Werks

    After searching the net for some Lifan engine ID info ( which is elusive at best , WTH) I stumbled upon an engine on ebay bearing Cleveland Cycle Werks logo. Long story short I contacted CCW and found it was a NJ seller, not CCW. After sending them the link to the faker so they can pursue him...
  3. Snout

    Garage Brewed show Feb 8th 2020

    The " Garage Brewed " motorcycle show is coming up soon in Cincinatti Ohio. A good time to do something 2 wheeled in a brewery when the weather is too bad to do it outside. The Rhinegeist Brewery is the place, and the Cincinnati Cafe Racer Club is the organizer., and Sat Feb 8th is the date...
  4. Snout

    XR185 part out

    1979 XR185 parts available. Frame,forks, some wiring,lamp/nacelle,L side cover, inner fender,air box, exhaust,kickstand,wheels, shocks,pegs,. No engine,seat,fenders,bars. Like to see this stuff used and not go to the scrapper. 1 year only followed by the XR200. Make an offer, ships US mail at...
  5. Snout

    Anyone have good or bad experiences with Coilspec coils?

    Needing a new coil for The KZ750B project. I see a decent 2 yr. warranty and easy free return policy with Coilspec out if California. Any real experiences? I always question reviews for being hand picked. The price is right at $23.00 shipped.
  6. Snout

    Craigslist, whats up with people any more?

    This is the second time I have made a deal with someone over an hour away - 3 hours one way this time - only to have the rug tugged out. We speak, we are normal and discuss a price/time, only to have the dude sell it to someone else after we clearly agree it was sold. Man that burns me up. A...
  7. Snout

    Who makes a quality 4 carb sync tool? Dial vs manometer...who do you like?

    I see lots of unbranded stuff out there that looks like tools I have seen/used in the past, the only bad thing is the quality. Does anyone have a favorite that is available today? Do you feel a particular unit is more accurate? Emgo, Motion pro, Slow boat... Do you see the advantage of a dial...
  8. Snout

    Missing riding weather...badly!

    Turkey day has come and gone which for many in the northern states denotes a distinct lack of fair weather. In western NY we have seen temperatures in the teens, already had road salt/sand laid down and several snow storms worth plowing the driveway for. I am really feeling the loss of TWT, or...
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