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  1. ridesolo

    Shoulda' bought it...

    I came came across this today and at first sight I thought it should have a 50cc Honda or Lifan perched on the frame in front of the seat pole. Really got my imagination going, yeah, I prolly shoulda' bought it.
  2. ridesolo

    Overdesigned vs. Underdesigned Which is it?

    In my build thread I've noted an annoyance that came up w/ an item I purchased. Fortunately I think I've come up w/ a work around as noted below, but the whole thing brought up memories of other things I've bought, both automotive/motorcycle and other items that seemed like a good idea but just...
  3. ridesolo

    Sparck Reg/Rec - Coils - Elecronic Tach Connections

    I just want to confirm: Assembling my CL360/378. I've got a black wire from the Reg/Rec, a black w/ white stripe wire from each coil, and the tachometer lead from my DanMoto digital dashboard. Should these all be connected together? (Have read that I may have to add a 10k, 1/2 watt resistor...
  4. ridesolo

    Nice looking tank no idea if its any good

    Just came across this on eBay. No idea if it's any good or what size it is, but it looks perfect for a cefé bike and the price is nice. Anybody have one of these...
  5. ridesolo

    Shortening clutch and throtle cables

    I'm working away at reassembly and realize that my clutch and throttle cables are now about four inches too long. Is there a relatively fool proof method to shorten them yourself or, for the sake of "being sure" would it just be best to order custom made?
  6. ridesolo

    Need a front brake MC w/ remote reservoir - FOUND!!!!

    I'm looking for a front brake master cylinder, brake light switch, and remote reservoir. Serviceable condition but if it needs a rebuild and paint that would be ok. I can replace an ugly lever and/or a tired reservoir, too. I've got CB350 bitz n pieces; complete transmission gear set, kick...
  7. ridesolo

    Replace coils?

    I'm in the process of cleaning up the bits n pieces on the CL378 for reassembly and discovered that one of the spark plug boots has broken off the cable from the coil. It looks like this was originally manufactured w/ some kind of resin (or something) holding the cable in the housing and it...
  8. ridesolo

    Looking for Seat Mounting Advice

    I decided to start a category in this thread rather than put it into my build thread, thought maybe it might get more traffic here... who knows? I'm trying to get things finished up on my long-running (too long) CL378 build so I can tear down, paint the frame, and then get it finished up once...
  9. ridesolo

    CB/CL360 Key Switch Wires

    Key switch has the following wires: Red Black Brown Brown/White No continuity on any when in the OFF position as I'd expect. Turn to ON and have continuity through the Red and Black as I'd expect. Turn the switch to the PARK position and there's continuity through Red and Brown. I'm...
  10. ridesolo

    SAFETY ALERT in North Central Ohio!

    This morning I had Mrs Ridesolo at a local hospital for some testing. It took longer than expected so I was waiting out in the parking lot. I happened to look down and was dismayed to see this GREEN ZIP TIE laying there. Obviously some local rider who thought they were safe is riding their...
  11. ridesolo

    CB350 Transmission/Stator set/Seat - CB360 Cylinder & Pistons - More

    Might be open to some kind of trade, too. What do you have? Yeah I know pictures are best; we all know what this stuff looks like but I'll post some (or email them) if there's interest. As for price: I mostly want to see these 1) into the hands of someone who'll put them to good use, and 2)...
  12. ridesolo

    2017 Indy 500 Tickets (& Parking Pass)

    I just thought I'd throw this out there. A buddy and I had made plans to attend the 100th running of the Indy 500 last year. His wife took ill and died so instead of being at the race on Memorial Day weekend we were at her funeral. We were going to try to go this year so he went ahead and got...
  13. ridesolo

    Dakar rider struck by lightning

  14. ridesolo

    CB350 Key Switch, Bracket, Fork Lock, & Matching Key

    I have a few parts laying around I'd like to get out of the way and move them on to somebody who'll put them to good use. This is the key switch, bracket, fork lock, and matching key from a CB350. They came off of a '72, I don't know what other years they fit. $15 (plus shipping)
  15. ridesolo

    Heat & plastic body parts

    I have some painted parts I've been heat curing and have more to do. Most are metal, but there are a couple of plastic pieces, OEM fenders, that I'd like to do as well. Does anybody have knowledge or experience with how much heat parts like that will handle? It'll only be 200 degrees for an...
  16. ridesolo

    It sure is quiet in here when... many of the regulars have headed out to Barber.
  17. ridesolo

    Seat Upholstery; What Did It Cost You?

    I've got my upholstery pan done and I'm going to be seeing a local guy who does that kind of stuff. He did a new convertible top rear window for my old Tracker a few years ago and did a great job with it and I know he does lots of golf cart and boat seats and has a good reputation. Anyway, I...
  18. ridesolo

    Copper Exhaust Gasket Removal

    What's the best way to remove the old copper exhaust gaskets?
  19. ridesolo

    Mods to the Travel Trailer

    We spent last winter in our travel trailer in the Gulfport, MS area and plan to go again this year. It was our first winter as snowbirds and also the first winter in our trailer. Generally things went well, but I came home with a list of projects to make things more livable in the future. I...
  20. ridesolo

    CJ360 Oil Sump/Pick-Up

    I'm in the process of buttoning up my CL360 (378) engine and would like to find a CJ360 oil pick-up if somebody has one in a parts bin somewhere. Willing to pay a reasonable price and shipping.
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