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  1. Rider52

    RodeKilt Rejuvination

    Don't confuse this with a step by step project! I had previously posted in the "new purchases" forum about buying a 1977 Honda CB750. The purchase was made to support a special needs children's group in Douglas County, Georgia. The kids will accept cash donations but really prefer having stuff...
  2. Rider52

    Arkansas Antique Vehicle Licensing Changed

    As long as I can remember, Arkansas has used a 25 year cut off for licensing antique vehicles. A few years ago they made it even easier by using bills of sales to establish transfer of ownership. In 2018 a vehicle made in 1993 would qualify. I used this process last year to to register and...
  3. Rider52

    Vintage Motorcycle Alliance/Vintage Japanese Motorcycle Club Meet 8-9 Mar 2019

    I attended the VMA/VJMC meet at the Lake County Fairgrounds in Eustis, FL this past weekend. Here's a few pictures
  4. Rider52

    Wanted to buy: Honda CB/CM 400 Comstar front wheel

    I need a CB/CM 400 Comstar front wheel. 1.85 x 18. Prefer in silver finish, but not a deal breaker.
  5. Rider52

    Meltdown Vintage Show 2017 Pictures

    Pictures from the 2017 Meltdown Vintage Show in Hendersonville, NC on 4-29-2017
  6. Rider52

    Random Pics from the AMCA, VMA and VJMC Shows/Swaps in Florida

    The Antique Motorcycle Club of America, Vintage Motorcycle Alliance and the Vintage Japanese Motorcycle Club all had shows/swaps near Daytona this past weekend. Here's some random pics I took at each of the events.
  7. Rider52

    A collection of mostly unrelated Sportster parts

    A little over a year ago I traded a bunch of Honda parts for a bunch of parts that was supposed to be a 1973 Sportster XLH. What I got was a 1973 XLH frame and the lower end of a 1977 XLH motor with busted cases. Some of the parts included in this deal found their way to other projects, but I...
  8. Rider52

    Atlanta Motorcycle Show January 28-29, 2017
  9. Rider52

    CL 160 tank

    I picked up this CL 160 tank last weekend in a parts buy. It was covered with at least 2 gallons of thick red implement paint. I sanded it down and it is solid. Has a few small dings and a couple of places with a small amount of bondo. The knee pad, tank mounts and badge mounts are intact. The...
  10. Rider52

    Great deal with DAK

    Got a great deal on a barn find Honda 360 from DAK today. Thanks Rider
  11. Rider52

    Junk pile racer

    Looks like a lively bunch here, hope I can offer some entertainment and help from time to time. I am an ex WERA racer with an unhealthy interest in things that go fast. I mostly build bikes from the junk that no one else wants. Will post a few projects from time to time. My current interest is...
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