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  1. johngofast

    RFY Clevis

    Some of the RFY shocks come with clevis and eyelet, I need a single clevis. Anyone have a clevis that came with their shocks that they do not need?
  2. johngofast

    Anyone coming to Bonneville Speedweek 2014?

    Will be at Bonneville Speedweek 2014 on Saturday, possibly Sunday, anyone coming out??
  3. johngofast

    WTB XS1100 Special Leading Axle FRONT END

    Title says it. Needs to be a leading axle fork. Wanting to change the rake on my xs650 and upgrade a bit. Let me know what ya got.
  4. johngofast

    WTB: XS650 Left side or high pipes

    Before I go buy a bend kit from Monster, just wanted to make sure no one has a set of pipes for the XS650 for sale that route to the left side or high pipes (scrambler)?? Stock pipes would require me to weld my sidecar mounts at an angle I'm not very stoked about.
  5. johngofast

    WTT - dual spigot petcock for Honda 350

    Looking for a dual spigot petcock for a friends Honda CL350. Something reproduction or old stock, just one that doesn't need to be rebuilt. Helping a friend out, so I'd like to trade if possible. Let me know what you're looking for, or if you have one gathering dust. Thanks!
  6. johngofast

    Halloween Costumes?

    Doing some other sewing today.. Edward Safetyscissorhands for my daughter's Halloween costume.. Last nights practice run without scars, gloves, or black hair: My son Maximus is being Max from Where the Wild Things are: What are people making/being??
  7. johngofast

    Work / Shop Aprons / Tool Rolls

    I've Been working on some designs for shop aprons and tool rolls, here's a finished sample of one of the aprons. All of the hardware is solid brass, the canvas and webbing (strap) are 100% cotton, has an upper pocket that will accommodate most cell phones (including iPod 4 and 5) or your...
  8. johngofast

    WTBorT CB,CL 350 Left Side Switch

    Looking for a CB, CL 350 left hand switch. Doesn't need to be pretty, cut wires are okay, as long as the switches work.. Going on a friends rat project. Let me know what you're lookin to get for it.
  9. johngofast

    Yamaha 19" Rear Mag Adapter Kit Measurements

    I was looking to some XS650 19" rear mag adapter kits made up, but don't have the $$ at the moment for the MOQs.. If anyone is looking at putting a Yamaha 19" front wheel on their rear and has a lathe or a machinist friend that works for beer, here ya go! Don't blame me if the measuremnts are...
  10. johngofast

    August 2013 Moto Monday Video - Salt Lake City

    August 2013 Moto Monday Video - Salt Lake City Next Moto Monday is Sept 2nd at 7:00 PM, Este Pizza on Broadway (300S.) ALL kinds a bikes are welcome.
  11. johngofast

    Electrical Connector / Terminals Kits - Suggestions?

    I've been buying a lot of electrical connectors and terminals in bulk 150-1000 pcs and am planning to offer some kits in the $20-$25 range. So far I plan to include: 4mm bullet Male/Females with soft translucent shields or insulators Dual female socket (bullet type) Triple female socket...
  12. johngofast

    Mini Headlight for number plate - Experience

    Sirs, looking for a mini headlight like pictured below, know where to find 'em? I'd also like to hear how about experience with them. I thinking about using two, one high and one low beam. Thank ya!
  13. johngofast

    Machinist needed to make stub axle for sidecar swingarm

    Need a machinist to make a stub axle for the sidecar swing arm, like this one, but for a 25mm bearing instead of 20mm.. I can send all measurements when the right person contacts me. The grooves for the bolts aren't super necessary, I can cut those after if I need to. Thanks!
  14. johngofast

    XS650 19" rear wheel conversion kit experience?

    Anyone put a 19" rear wheel on an XS650 using Omar's conversion kit or know any other supplier of a kit for this?
  15. johngofast

    Zinc plating order

    I've had a couple requests to run another zinc plating order. If you are interested in zinc plating please let me know, pricing will depend on how many people participate and quantities, as a reference the minimum order is $150 and I've sent all the fasteners and zinced brackets from 3 bikes at...
  16. johngofast

    1972 Suzuki GT750 parts

    Picked up a few boxes of GT750 parts, clutch, trans, kickstart, steering dampener rod, tons more. Will post some pics, but let me know if you need something.
  17. johngofast

    Looking for GS450 carbs

    I have a GS450 that I'll be working on after my sidecar build. I'm missing the carbs, wheels, hubs, rotors, and ignition coils. Let me know if you have a set that you'd like to get rid of, sell or trade...
  18. johngofast

    GPZ750 ZX750 Carburetors

    Got a mess of carbs for a GPZ750 or ZX750. Should get you one good set + a ton of spair parts. :)
  19. johngofast

    Piggyback on my zinc plating

    I will be sending fasteners and a few bits from a full restor project to Burbank Plating in California to be Zinc or Cadmium plated. The minimum order is $150 and two or three motorcycles wouldn't even bump up the price from the quantity I have. If someone wants to get some fasteners replated...
  20. johngofast

    Suzuki T250, T350 parts abound

    I just sold my last Suzuki T series bike last week and am ready to part with the mess of T series parts that I have. I will try and post some pictures, but let me know if there's something you need. Parts are mostly T250 and T350 1970-1972.
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