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  1. Scruffy

    Bike hauling Lowrider Truck--- Lot's of work to do on it

    Still dragging along. Life got in the way of posting or playing with the trucks. Working on 3 at a time right now: 49 Dodge is in color testing, 69 Dodge is getting prepped for a 1 ton 4wd axle swap and transfer case, and the 92 K1500 Silverado is almost finish painted. Silverado moved to the...
  2. Scruffy

    Harley Recall

    Since everyone except restoration types want an S&S, you just have to list it and keep your fingers crossed.
  3. Scruffy

    New To Bike Shows...what should I know so I don't make a fool of myself at the Bull City Rumble?

    Suzuki cruisers go there as well...I swear AMF has come back to haunt us... Shows are about relaxing and enjoying yourself if there for the right reasons... the vehicles, the people, the food, the music (except 50s crap, I gave up on rod and custom shows, too much surf garbage), the venue, etc...
  4. Scruffy

    What did you do today instead of working on your bike project?

    Worked on my trucks. The 2003 Savage got a cam chain tensioner swap for the upgraded version that won't fall apart and grenade the engine. And the gray goop (Yamabond) failed within 15 seconds of start up, bike puked out its oil. Redid, with a paper gasket, rode 2.25 miles, and oil started...
  5. Scruffy

    Harley Recall

    69-83 AMF generic. Jet sizes determined whether it was for an Ironhead or a Shovelhead. Kept clean, once properly jetted was a decent unit. Unlike the Keihin and Mikuni CV versions that followed them, or the Chevrolet sourced fuel injection. Harley Davidson proper went out of business in 1968...
  6. Scruffy

    d-bag hardley rider

    To get back to the point of the post... a lot of local stores, including "Great Wall of China Mart", do not want motorcycles in car spots. You are requested to park in the striped islands (not blocking chair access though) or on the sidewalk wide sections. My commuter motorcycle gets cable...
  7. Scruffy

    110/ 90h or 110/ 80h r18"s, cl360?

    Using one of my toys as an example, the stock tires are 100/90-19 and 140/80-15. I replaced them with a set of 90/90-19 and 130/90-15. The bike turns quicker, leans over farther, and stops better. I have another of the same model wearing 100/90-19 and 140/90-15 tires, and it is an apples to...
  8. Scruffy

    Throttle cable for mikuni vm30

    I just haul my junk to Fletcher's in Memphis. Best bike shop in a several state radius, the windows are full of race trophies to prove it. Even the stealerships send any real work to him instead of doing it in house, gets done right the first time. Some things just aren't worth the headaches or...
  9. Scruffy

    Your Motorcycle History

    100+ street motorcycles since I started riding in 1987. Oldest was a 1915 Henderson, newest was a 2005 Kawasaki VN800 Classic. Oldest Harley to date was a 1920 Sport Twin (fore and aft Boxer engine), newest Harley a 1993 Wide Glide (horrible bike). Oldest Indian was a pair of 1928 Scout factory...
  10. Scruffy

    Bell Moto III?

    Whatever somebody is willing to pay. That offer of $50 for the shell sounds pretty decent. I usually "retire" old helmets by making hanging flower baskets out of them... drill a few holes, add wire. Might have to give that rebuilder a shot, I have a USA made flat black motorcycle police helmet...
  11. Scruffy

    What base bike would you choose?

    Probably another Savage/S40. Have a vintage styled distance bike project and a police style daily driver. Want to build a Scrambler version, a Cafe version, a rigid springer version, a trike and a mini Indian Chief version. Yep, I want a different styled one for each day of the week...
  12. Scruffy

    I've seen some idiots in my time...

    Seen that a few times here. Plenty of clearance, parked my bike under one at the farm co-op. Still not going to try it, with my luck something would go wrong and I'd get squished.
  13. Scruffy

    Suzuki GS425 Fuel Filter

    First things first, that is a vacuum operated petcock. Check the bolt spacing against a late model Suzuki LS650/Boulevard S40. If they match, throw that piece of shit in the trash where it belongs and bolt on a Yamaha Raptor 660 manual petcock. Use a real Made in Japan OEM Yamaha petcock, not a...
  14. Scruffy

    "Cafe Racer" such a loose term! Craigslist "Gem" of the week!

    Kinda looks like a frog trying to fuck a turtle. Granted, later CB450s usually aren't worth the cost of the fuel to haul them for scrap, but, damn...
  15. Scruffy

    Business casual- What's your gear for the ride to the office

    Change of shoes in the saddlebag. Jackboots with my pant legs tucked in, usually leather over them. Vest or jacket over my shirt. Always have "helmet hair" at work, they've gotten used to it.
  16. Scruffy

    Gas tank won't stay clean! How can I stop flash rust?

    Diesel or automatic transmission fluid. Pour a bit in, slosh it around, drain the excess. You can use it on the outside as well, apply with a rag. When you are ready to paint, wash the tank with acetone or cheap lacquer thinner until you get zero residue on a clean white cotton rag (cloth diaper...
  17. Scruffy

    Hollywoodmx's XV920 Tracker - Quick Build

    Agreed, last option for the tail piece trimming looks best. And yeah, you are way over thinking details that most people will never notice.
  18. Scruffy

    '81XS650 used to be a chop. ♡♥♡♥♡

    Re: '81XS650 chop. ♡♥♡♥♡ Looks like that'll be a decent machine. You may want to go ahead and get 5" seat springs ordered, those smaller ones look better but don't work as well. Cast wheels is cheating... how is anyone supposed to come pick on you on the side of the road if you can just plug a...
  19. Scruffy

    seeking opinions on rear light mounting

    French it in. Nothing worse than dorky looking lights (like the stock taillight on my daily rider, I shudder every time I see it).
  20. Scruffy

    1979 Kawasaki KZ650 C3 "Blue Bessie"

    Hmmm.... Headlight needs to be the same blue as the tank and tail plate. Other than that, I really like it.
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