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  1. joelvaughan56

    hindle cb350 exhaust

    hi all i seen this whilst looking for exhaust for my cl 350 and wondering if any of you have any experience of them ? and how do the folks with good exhaust knowledge feel about the design
  2. joelvaughan56

    alcantara upholstered seat ???

    hello there just thinking about upholstery options for my cb350 project and was thinking about alcantara for it anyone have any experience with it? how does it hold up? does it give nice grip ?
  3. joelvaughan56

    tz inspired cl350

    hi all been at my tz inspired cl350 project for about a month now and thought id share it all with you its a long way of and still in the planning stages really alough i have rebuilt the engine with new bearings pistons gaskets seals and timing chain and tensioners
  4. joelvaughan56

    cg125 cafe/brat style

    hello everyone thought id post my cg 125 project up i started a few months ago
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