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  1. HerrDeacon

    1979 RD 250 E

    Wow that is one beautiful clean looking bike.
  2. HerrDeacon

    Building a "first bike" for my 17yo son...

    I see him over on every now and then.
  3. HerrDeacon

    CB 125s: Engine Rebuild Pics and Questions!

    Don't enjoy it too much or your project will end up like mine :p Just kidding of course, its great to be able to take your time with it, I hate rushing through things.
  4. HerrDeacon

    pidjones' bicentenial build - a '76 RD400

  5. HerrDeacon

    why keep it normal 78 goldwing slow build...

    Would that side filler allow you to get all the air out of the system? Not sure how you'd be able to fill it like that and get all the air out. Maybe I'm overthinking it?
  6. HerrDeacon

    Yamaha XT600E 'do I really need another motorcycle?' Scrambler

    Love the exhaust on this beast, is that a Cone Engineering muffler? Its really coming together nicely.
  7. HerrDeacon

    1975 CB125 Tracker project

    Always nice to get OEM parts for the carb internals as it seems the aftermarket ones always seem to have mixed quality. These should do the trick.
  8. HerrDeacon

    Pandemic bikes

    That would look awesome!
  9. HerrDeacon

    Painting My Tank Questions

    Looks great!
  10. HerrDeacon

    90's CB500 build

    Wow, fantastic job, looks like a factory bike. Very clean looking custom.
  11. HerrDeacon

    Deacon's CB350

    Small update but an update nonetheless. At least some positive progress to close out 2020 with :). Humidity was low enough today for me to be able to get the fairing clear coated with SprayMax 2K. Looks like it came out decent but will need to have a closer look once its dry. I'll post up a...
  12. HerrDeacon

    Painting My Tank Questions

    Yup, that came out really nice. Going to look great after the clear.
  13. HerrDeacon

    Painting My Tank Questions

    If the black is not metallic you can wet-sand it to smooth out the bumps prior to clear coating. I wet-sand after every stage with mine. Really liking it so far, nice work.
  14. HerrDeacon

    1975 CB125 Tracker project

    You're certainly zipping right along, making great progress!
  15. HerrDeacon

    Painting My Tank Questions

    That's the same paint I used for the gold on my MB5, worked out great. Was the only gold I could find in a spray can that appealed to me. A lot of the others were either fairly harsh looking or really dull gold.
  16. HerrDeacon


    Congrats Trek, very worthy champion. Up against a couple of great bikes too, I had a hard time deciding.
  17. HerrDeacon

    1975 CB125 Tracker project

    Well done, sounds like its running really good.
  18. HerrDeacon

    Painting My Tank Questions

    That's exactly how I did the paint on my MB5. I used some vinyl tape for the stripes and picked up vinyl Honda decals to mask off the name. Painted the gold first and let it fully dry a few days. Masked off and sprayed the black. Removed the vinyl and then cleared with SprayMax 2K. First coat of...
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