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    Cheap Panniers

    Stumbled across this yesterday and ordered a pair for the DR650. They turned up this morning (like 12 hours after order ahha) They look great for 120 bucks, nice and cheap for an aluminum pannier. Figured I'd share for any of you other cheap ass adv folks. They aren't Touratech quality but they...

    New look?

    Hopped on DTT this morning and was redirected a bit and it appears we're on a new software? All black on my end with the header missing, shout box closed up and a few other oddities. Just wanted to make sure I wasn't the only one lol

    Powder Oven build

    Finally got tired of messing with my household oven and decided to build a real one. Basically building this: We decided for ease of the build to just build it 4x4x8 as that's the sheet size. It turned...

    Eastwood Welders

    So I've always been a big proponent of these welders. They are cheap, they weld well, and they are reasonably reliable. I have 3. This is just a PSA that they are no longer willing to sell parts to their customers. They are only willing to sell parts to a "welding repair facility" but...

    SR500 Stator

    Here we go again! years later I still need a stator for my 78 SR500. I just cant bring myself to pay 700 bucks for a new one. Anyone have one? Everyone I ask about rewinds doesn't want to do it because of the special 78 CDI coils or some shit.

    Wakesurf Boat Remodel

    Once again I'm going to post a completely non motorcycle related project, because, well, I like you guys and I like going back through build threads years down the line. While I have been very busy not working on any of my motorcycle projects ::) i picked up another project. It's a 2001 Tige...

    CNC Plasma Cutting

    I've offered this up to a few members, I figure I may as well make it public access. I've got a CNC plasma cutter that I use for business, but it's idle a good part of the time. So for DTT folk's I'll cut whatever you want at very cheap friend rates. Basically the cost of the metal + the cost...

    WTB SR500 Stator

    I'm tired of looking at my 99% complete SR500 project To finish it I need a stator. Mines buggered. The plan was to send it off to custom rewind in Birmingham, but their site no longer exists so I assume they don't either? Anyone have one sitting around? Alternatively, anyone know of any...

    1976 GMC Motorhome

    In case anyone is interested in this I don't see the harm in throwing up a build thread here. It's been going for about 6 months so it will just be old updates for now until I catch up. We'll start from the beginning. The GMC motorhome is the only motorhome ever manufactured by a major car...

    Where the hell did Sonic go?

    I suppose I'll answer my own question here. To work, that's where. It's a sad day when work takes over your life, but when you're self employed it's a blessing and a curse. I made the transition from making custom furniture to manufacturing Butcher Block Countertops only, when that happened...

    New Business Venture, I need you fools help

    I've started a new business/product line. I'm making bluetooth speakers made from solid woods. I think they are pretty damn cool. These are some older photos of the prototypes I'll get new ones up soon with the newer updated versions. Anyway, what I'm hoping is that you guys would be...

    Who rides with Headphones?

    Controversial topic probably, but I'm just curious. I started wearing iphone headphones a couple of years ago and with the volume all the way up I still couldn't hear it at cruise speed. So I got some TORK in helmet speakers. These were much better, but spendy. They also were tough to hear over...

    CNC Sign Designs

    Anybody have any ideas or requests for CNC signs to hang in the shop? I've got DTT Covered I have done a few for my shop with the Honda, Kawa, Suzi, Yam logos but don't want to make up a batch if no one is interested. ANybody have anything...

    Step Right Up, Step Right Up, get your DTT CNC Shop signs here

    As the title says. 18" Diameter DTT Logo to hang in your shop, above your bed, on the ceiling, honestly I don't care where you put it. But I'm not responsible for any injuries or deaths sustained from wives if you hang it inside. 10% of each one goes back to the site...

    Fuck liquid cooled motorcycles.

    At wits end. Going to burn a KLR to the ground. Overheating is stupid.

    Wanted CB360 Wheels

    I need a front and rear wheel (hub and all) for a 360. What you got?

    Low voltage cutoff switch design help

    I need to design a very simple circuit that will cut off power from a battery when it reaches 11V. Basically its a rechargeable 12V battery that will be cycles repeatedly, but I want it to cut power to the electronics when it reaches 11V so as not to damage the battery. I can find 11V Zeners...

    New website for Seat Hoops

    Alright guys I've been overwhelmed by the PMs and random Paypal payments trying to sort out what's what. So I built a website that should streamline the process on your end as well as mine. Payments go through my secure server for my real business, so no worries there...

    XS650 Banshee Flywheel PMA Swap Shit

    So as the title says I'm sick and tired of this shit ass charging system on my xs650 leaving me on the side of the damn road. This is a cheap bike that I don't want to put real money in. TC Bro's PMA is 289, thats about 289 I don't want to spend on a bike that I have 350 in. SO... Anybody got...

    Arduino Based Speedometer Tachometer

    So I have a crazy idea that I'm going to make happen. I want to use my iphone as a speedometer and a tachometer for my bikes. This presents a few problems, mainly getting an RPM signal into the phone along with a speedo signal. In the past I have used the GPS speedo apps for the Iphone and they...
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