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  1. johnu

    Painting Another Helmet (Finished Video)

    Just started another helmet. A little more intricate this time.
  2. johnu

    Painted My First Helmet

    So I got around to trying helmet painting. I had and old helmet to practice on and bought a cheap airbrush and a small detail spraygun. I think this came out pretty decent for my first attempt. The paint is Createx water based and all but the white is pearlized. I cleared it with the...
  3. johnu

    Want To Start Airbrushing ?s

    So after painting my BSA gas tank recently I've decided that rattle cans really aren't the way to go. The exception to that for me is the Spraymax 2k clear, that stuff is awesome. I am now looking at spraying some helmets and down the line more tanks as well. So I want to purchase a small...
  4. johnu

    Painting My Tank Questions

    Ok so I just got done making this aluminum tank for my Triumph tr5mx project and now I need some advice on painting it. I will be doing it with rattle cans. I have painted a tank before with rattle cans but it was only one color and I used Dupli color Metal Specks paint with the spraymax 2k...
  5. johnu

    Making Seat For The First Time Triumph TR5mx

    I am making my first ever covered motorcycle seat, it will be for my 1974 Triumph tr5mx vintage mxer. I have looked at threads on this forum and video's on youtube, now I'm combining those and my own ideas to come up with something I hope will be good looking and above all functional. First...
  6. johnu

    Building An Allloy Tank For My TR5mx

    So I'm going to build another alloy tank, some of you may remember the one I made for my t500 a few years ago. This one is for my Triumph tr5mx vintage motocrosser. I have the stock tank but it looks mismatched imho, plus I like custom:D When I made the other tank I did it all with...
  7. johnu

    Weld In Filler Neck And Cap For Custom Aluminum Tank

    So I'm making an Aluminum gas tank for my Triumph tr5mx build and I need to source a weld in neck with filler cap. Any suggestions where to find one to use on this mx tank?
  8. johnu

    Triumph tr5mx Build - Finished!

    It's been a while since my last build on here (T500) but it's time for something different. My dad (Ken) passed away a year ago and he was a motorcycle nut. He restored many bikes mostly BSA's and Velocettes. Unfortunately I had to sell all of his bikes excecpt one as I'm in SoCal and he was in...
  9. johnu

    Need Cheaper Alternative To Autocad

    I am looking for a cheap alternative to Autocad. I used autocad for about ten years at my work and had it on my own personal computer but I haven't had that for a while now. Last release I used was 2007. I now need to start drawing parts again (only 2d) and looked at getting autocad lt but...
  10. johnu

    Doing Research For Tracker Build Using Kawi Ninja 650 (Probably)

    Ok guys as the title suggests I'm trying to plan a tracker build using a Ninja ex650 and want to get as much info as I can before I even purchase a donor bike. If I was independantly wealthy I would use a modern Triumph Boneville but that's not in the budget (actually my sons budget). So I...
  11. johnu

    Youth Supermoto Suit

    I have a Gimoto youth Supermoto suit for sale, it is in great shape and has only been used a few times. It is a leather and textile suit with full armor. It measures 44" from the bottom of the leg to the neck opening and it is a youth xxl but it runs pretty small. Original cost was $800, I...
  12. johnu

    Kawasaki KLX110 Supermoto Wheels

    I have for sale supermoto wheels that are from my sons 2003 Kawi KLX110. I know they fit the same year Suzuki DRZ110 and they will probably fit other year models of both bikes as well but you would have to check that. They are in excellent condition and have Dunlop tt91 tires mounted on them...
  13. johnu

    Mikuni Parts

    Looking to buy jets and needle selection to use in my Mikuni vm34's. Where is the best place to buy parts that doesn't have a crazy shipping cost?
  14. johnu

    Suzuki T500 Pistons

    I bought these on ebay a while ago they are first over size +0.50mm one right and one left. They are made in Japan but are not oem parts. I paid $65 plus shipping I will let them go for $35 plus shipping. I'm in Redalnds California.
  15. johnu

    Two Stroke Cylinder Boring

    Ok peeps it's been a while but I'm finally getting back to working on the T500. I never did get it running properly so I am going to go through the engine again. I am going to rebore it while I'm at it as I never did get it done when I rebuilt it. I have the new pistons so I might as well do...
  16. johnu

    Dent Repair BSA Goldstar Lyta Tank *(FIXED)*

    Ok lads I posted this up ages ago in my goldie thread but never got around to fixing it. My Lyta tank got clobbered by a falling beach chair in the garage which put a sizable crease in the top of it >:( Does anyone have any ideas how to get the dent out? I would like to know if those...
  17. johnu

    Dos Equis Man Cross Threads a Bolt

    I just saw this on the home page chat thing here but I'm not part of that so I had to share here. This cracked me up, I will be sharing this with my boy who is out in the Persian Gulf right now, should cheer him up a bit. We would love it when there was a new dos equis commercial on tv my wife...
  18. johnu

    Need More TiG Help!!

    Well I got the TiG fired up and it seems to work ok accept that on the low setting it won't arc up unless I give it full peddle then it will just butn a big hole. I am working with 20gauge cold roll sheet and I am using the middle 35amp setting (just because the low 5 amp doesn't seem to be...
  19. johnu

    Junior Burrell is Famous!!!

    Saw the alloy work on the modern Triton in Cafe Racer magazine... nice one Junior! Still not as impressive as that fairing you made for I think it was a 450 Honda. Great work congrats on being famous ;D
  20. johnu

    Finally Got A TiG Set - HELP!!

    Now I'm in business,a friend of mine just gave me his old Linde HeliArc 250, comes with torch and bottle. This will give me many more options when building bikes now. Really excited to get it all set up and try to remember how to use it, been a lot of years since I used one!
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