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  1. carnivorous chicken

    Left side cover, green, CB550

    Looking for a jade green left hand side cover for a 1975 CB550. Does not have to be immaculate -- some fading on the paint would march my tank and right cover. Do not need the emblem but happy to buy it with if it's got it. I have a very nice brown LHS cover to trade, and/or a green one with...
  2. carnivorous chicken

    Manuals: SOHC CB750, KZ900/1000, Suzuki singles and twins

    Getting rid of some manuals... Clymer KZ900 and KZ1000, 1973-1981 (M359-3), excellent shape, hardly used: $15 + ship Clymer Honda CB750 SOHC, great shape but used: $12 + ship. Chilton's Suzuki Singles and Twins Repair and Tune up guide, 1970-74, hardback, former library book (!), got some...
  3. carnivorous chicken

    CB350F complete carbs, original brass + Handlebars with switches & wiring intact

    Selling a complete set of 350F carbs. These are complete and in nice shape -- no corrosion, and they come with the original 75/35 jets. Will need to be cleaned out, but a very nice and complete set. $100 plus shipping. PM with your phone # or email for photos, and I will try to post some here...
  4. carnivorous chicken

    CB400F peg sets and rear brake levers

    I have three sets of CB400F pegs -- compatible with the 350F and some 550s as well, will set your pegs back about 6 inches. First set is very nice, $100 Second set is a little rusty, but everything is there and moves freely: $75 Third set is rough, but everything is there: $60 Also have 2...
  5. carnivorous chicken

    CB350F headlight bezel and headlight w wiring, straight and very nice chrome

    Selling a straight chrome headlight bezel and headlight for a 350F. Straight, very nice chrome -- from an AZ bike. I think the headlight works, but not sure -- $50 plus $13 to ship. Send me a PM with email or phone # for photos, and I will try to post photos later.
  6. carnivorous chicken

    Moving sale, everything must go: SOHC/4 and twin stuff

    Moving sale! Everything must go! Here’s what I’ve got, and what I’m hoping to get. Deals have to be completed (i.e. paid for) by Monday AM with paypal or local pickup in the Phoenix area. Buy in bulk and save! Make reasonable offers! Sorry that I didn’t have time to take and upload individual...
  7. carnivorous chicken

    1977 CB550 tank

    Asking for a friend... She's looking for a 1977 CB550K tank. If you've got one lemme know. Thanks!
  8. carnivorous chicken

    CL175 Sloper parts and engine, Cb160 and Cl450 engines

    Selling three engines as I am moving and can't take them with me. CB160 engine, doesn't turn, mostly complete (maybe missing a cover or two?): $75 + shipping and box CL175 sloper engine, complete, doesn't turn: $125 + shipping + box CL450 engine, missing a few things, some have been removed...
  9. carnivorous chicken

    Last Word on the fastest color -- until the next word
  10. carnivorous chicken

    Honda 300F vs Suzuki TU250 vs ?

    Just noticed I wrote two years ago or so asking if anyone had any experience with the Honda 300F -- and I am still wondering. I'm in Mexico City and may bring an old bike or two down here, but they are apparently pretty rare and hard to find. I'm not worried about parts or work, I'll get parts...
  11. carnivorous chicken

    big WI auction

    caveat emptor and all that, but looks like some gems in a big WI auction -- CBX, 350F, etc.
  12. carnivorous chicken

    Busco Chilangos

    Estoy mudando a DF -- hay Chilangos aqui?
  13. carnivorous chicken

    CB550 forks, triple tree

    I've got a set of very nice CB550 forks, very clean, $75. And a complete triple tree, $50 + ship. Not 100% on year, but guessing 75 or 76 -- I ws going to switch these over for the forks on my 75 550K. The forks are very clean in the travel area, but have been painted black to hide some surface...
  14. carnivorous chicken

    1975 CB750F side covers

    Looking for 1975 CB750F side covers with emblems... color doesn't matter. Thanks.
  15. carnivorous chicken

    Luggage rack, Kawasaki KZ400

    Selling a luggage rack from a 1975 Kawasaki KZ400. Nice shape, little bit of rust, some elbow grease would polish it up. $20 and shipping. I'm in Phoenix, happy to ship anywhere. PM me for photos.
  16. carnivorous chicken

    1975 KZ400 grab bar, maybe tank

    Just picked up a titled '75 KZ400 with 19k for free. Up and running in a day. Looking for a grab bar in good shape -- PO replaced it with a luggage rack. If you have a grab bar and want a luggage rack, obviously I'd trade, but if you want to sell the grab bar lemme know. The tank on it is clean...
  17. carnivorous chicken

    SOHC4 forum offline?

    The SOHC/4 forum is offline -- shame if all of that was lost. Anyone know what's up?
  18. carnivorous chicken

    1968 Suzuki T200 -- headlight and speedo trim

    Looking for the headlight and speedo trim rings for a 1968 Suzuki T200. Saw what I assume is a repop on the headlight ring on Ebay from Thailand, but just seeing if anyone here has a line on one. Also -- bike will likely be for sale at some point soon if anyone's interested...
  19. carnivorous chicken

    Parting out 1971 CL450

    Parting out a 1971 CL450. Happy to post some photos when I get to it, or PM me and I can send them directly to you. Parts include: side covers ($50), complete exhaust in excellent shape ($350), carburetors ($60), fork ears ($35), triple tree ($25), forks ($45), chain guard ($20), tool box ($20)...
  20. carnivorous chicken

    Gold CB175 Headlight bucket and fork ears

    Looking for a gold headlight bucket and fork ears for a (1971?) CB175. Buddy's bike is in great original shape, so looking for original paint in good shape.
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