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  1. jeffreyhardy

    Oil Brand, Weight Preferences

    This might have been done before, but I was just curious what each of you guys prefer in terms of oil brand, weight, etc. Any benefits that you have felt from your preferred oil..
  2. jeffreyhardy

    '83 CM450E

    While I continue work on my CL350, I decided to purchase a ride for this summer. Actually wasn't planning on buying something like this, but the odometer read 7,100 miles. I paid $1,500. It runs like a dream. The old man that I bought it from had a nice ole windshield and some forward foot...
  3. jeffreyhardy

    CM 450 Wheels

    Any of you gents think that a set of 350 wheels would fit under and CM450 and do the job. I bough a CM today just to ride this summer and was thinking of doing a wheel swap (I have painted the 350 wheels and have a new set of rubber).... I'm hoping I can squeeze that rear wheel in. Any other issues?
  4. jeffreyhardy

    1982 650 GL

    What do you guys think about this one? I'm in the process of building my cafe bike, but I really would like to have a ride for the summer time. What is a fair price to pay, and if I give it a little love and style can I at least break even later...
  5. jeffreyhardy

    35mm Clip-ons (WILL TRADE FOR 33MM)

    I have a pair of 35mm clip-ons $70 Shipped. I got them from partsnmore, so it will save you like 5 bucks after shipping. Brand new after I realized they were the wrong size I put them back in the box. (I NEED 33MM CLIPONS) WILLING TO TRADE FOR 33MM CLIP-ONS!!!
  6. jeffreyhardy

    fork tube specs CL360 vs CL350

    Will a set of 1974 CL360 fork tubes fit a 1970 CL350 front end?
  7. jeffreyhardy

    1970 CL350 Project

    I picked this gentlemen up for 250 bucks with a couple buckets of parts. Let's see what we can do. My first bike, and it will be a sick cafe.
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