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  1. CALfeRacer

    WTB CB350 Fat Cam

    Hey all, might be a longshot but I'm looking for a CB350 Fat Cam. Working on my engine rebuild and found pitting on my cam, rockers look good though. Figured I'd check to see if anybody has one before sending mine off to Web to be reground for $$$. Thanks!
  2. CALfeRacer

    CB350 Shifter Assembly

    Hello everyone. Working on putting together my CB350 engine and ran in to issues putting together the shifter. I have this collar that seems too big to fit in the fork, even though I bought the listed part number. I assume it’s supposed to fit in the fork but figured I’d check before filing it...
  3. CALfeRacer

    1982 Honda CB900F “Holly”

    Well, after having an itch to ride after my SV getting stolen I made the questionable decision to purchase an 82 CB900F. The PO replaced basically everything, and it made cool noises so I couldn’t resist. The original plan was to dial the carbs, replace the chopped tail, and ride it to work...
  4. CALfeRacer

    Wanted: CB750/900F Tail Section/Seat Cowl

    Hey guys, anyone out there have a CB750F or CB900F (I've been led to believe they're the same) tail section/seat cowl laying around? Just bought a CB900F and the tail was chopped, but I want to have a full one. Looking for something that's in decent shape, most important is that the tabs are...
  5. CALfeRacer

    Bike Stolen in Oakland CA

    Hi guys, a couple days late but hoping for some help... 2020 has been off to a great start with one of my bikes getting stolen from the driveway of my apartment in Oakland late at night/early in the morning on January 7th. If any Bay Area/California members could keep an eye out and let me know...
  6. CALfeRacer

    Is this Toast?

    Can someone please help and let me know if this is Toast???
  7. CALfeRacer

    Project "Vision Quest"

    Instead of boring everyone with a long backstory, the short story is that I decided to swap a 86 KX250 engine into a late 60's C2 frame for a class project. I've had the stuff laying around for just over a year now, and making it a school thing gives me an excuse to do it. This is the only...
  8. CALfeRacer

    Yamaha RD400 test harness question

    Hello everyone, been a little while. I'm helping my friend get the RD400 which I bought to spark and show some signs of life, but the wiring is pretty hacked from a previous owner. Long story short, he's going to buy it off me if the bike sparks and has compression. We passed the compression...
  9. CALfeRacer

    Moving a motorcycle long distance

    I want to bring my bike back home with me for the summer, which I usually do by throwing it in the back of my truck. Bad news is that my truck got totaled by a drunk guy in a mustang, and the insurance still hasn't cut me a check so I'm currently without a tow vehicle. My friend is giving me a...
  10. CALfeRacer

    The Twinstar Project

    I've had a bunch of CM250 parts that I've been holding on to for about a year and a half now that have been taking up space. I had it set in my mind that I just needed a frame to put everything on, and was reluctant to get rid of anything. Well, I wanted to make room for a new project, so I...
  11. CALfeRacer

    Looking at cases.. Will this be an issue?

    So I'm going through the lot of parts I can across and opened up the KX250 engine to find this: It looks like the rod must have hit the case or something. Will this be an issue? The bearing surfaces on either side of the crank look good and have new seals (new bearings in box too). If this is...
  12. CALfeRacer

    Honda frame compatibility?

    Not sure if this is the perfect spot for this, but oh well. Long story short, I have a cm250 engine, suspension, and wheels looking for a frame to live in. I've been cruising craigslist and eBay for a frame, and started looking for older twinstar (185/200) frames since the bottom ends of the...
  13. CALfeRacer

    Locked Engine, what to do?

    I'm working on my grandpa's 86 Honda VF700C magna, and the engine is locked. Starter won't turn it over, can't turn it with a wrench on the alternator bolt. Plugs were taken out, didn't help. Clutch is free, and it shifts through the gears. It's sat in a heated garage since it ran last (two or...
  14. CALfeRacer

    Baja Motorcycles?

    Anyone have experience with Baja Motorcycles? From what I've seen they're cheap chinese knock offs with Honda engines that people got at places like Pep Boys. I found this recently and am debating picking it up. The idea was to swap in a spare CM250 engine I have, which this engine is supposed...
  15. CALfeRacer

    New project brainstorm & questions

    Hey guys. Just scrolling through local c-list late at night (what else would I be doing? ::)) and stumbled on a rebel 250, with title not far from me. I have a bunch of 250 parts which I was planning on putting in to a CM200 frame that's for sale a little bit farther away in a salvage yard. For...
  16. CALfeRacer

    Suzuki GS fork and swingarm swap questions

    Hey all, working on swapping a gs550 front end on to my gs450 to get 35mm forks instead of 33, but noticed air caps on the 450 forks. They're stamped "goki" and fittings are all standard. Are these aftermarket, and should I stick with these over the standard 35mms from the 550?
  17. CALfeRacer

    Katana head removal

    Trying to change the head gasket on my 90 Katana 600 and can't get the head to clear the frame. Any ideas or tips?
  18. CALfeRacer

    Honda and Suzuki Parts

    Selling off parts for a few bikes to make space and get some $ for school. I have parts from a 1981 Suzuki GS550E and a 1978 Honda CB400T, plus some 1989 CBR600 engine parts, 1980 CM200T (12v) parts, and misc stuff. GS550: Cams, in good shape Head, in good shape Stock Pistons, will need new...
  19. CALfeRacer

    Herwaldt Swap Meet Fresno

    Just found out about it last night, just wondering if anyone has gone before or is planning on going. Trying to decide if I want to bring out a truck full of spare parts and see if I can get rid of any of them. Here's a link with the info:
  20. CALfeRacer

    Kat won't start??

    Trying to get my Katana sorted out so I can go for a ride, but I've been having no dice. It ran a couple months ago when I first bought it, but it idled high so I knew something was off. Fast forward a couple months and I've brought it down to school with me, and it wouldn't start. So, I cleaned...
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